Need Help with Speaker Selection

Hi! I am considering replacing my speakers (Mordaunt Short Performance 860's) and I would appreciate your advice and opinions. My room is 15x15, open on one end, and I can have the speakers NO MORE than 1 foot from the wall. My experience here at Audiogon tells me that I can get the following (new or mint-used)for relatively the same price: (1) Soliloquy 6.3 (2) Audio Physic Tempo III (3) Meadowlark Hot Rod Shearwater (4) JM Lab Electra 915 (5) Silverline Sonatina (old style). My amp is a 160 wpc Luxman. I have NO local dealers for any of these products but I am willing to travel to listen based on your thoughts. I would appreciate any and all recommendations. Thanks!
I would dump the JM Lab's and the Silverline's. Listen to the other three and choose your preference, all three of these are excellent. By the way I'm a dealer for Soliloquy and Meadowlarks. If you decide either of these two I'll give you price if you are interested.
I'm not a dealer PERIOD.The NHT 3.3 sound like they are right up your alley,as the preferred location is ""up against the wall" Hey,1500 used,and will serve you fine till that loto thing happens. Read; till you upgrade. You know well,I assume,you go to a dealer,he will be driving them with better,or different eqpt. Vandy3,-3a signature are also an excelent choice. I wouldn't buy based on how they sound with dif. eqpt. in a dif. room; and a dealer breathing down on me.--Woman dealer;that's different.
I've had a pair of Soliloquy 5.3's for about a year now and since I got them I've not even bothered to listen to anything else. They keep getting better and better. They have a lot more bass than any reviews seem to give them credit for. Volume is no problem. I have them in a L-shaped room about 13'X 26". The core for my system is a Sim Audio W-5 and P-3. I've not heard the 6.3's but they have to be worth listening to. I did hear the Meadowlarks some time ago and liked them as well. I never heard them in my home so I really can't say if they sounded "better" than the Soliloquys. Seems to me that either of these speakers would do better for you father from the wall than 12'. Soliloquy's home page has a whole section on speaker placement and I don't think they reccommend them being that close to the wall. I have mine out 30' with good results.
Make sure to add the Neat Elite to your must hear shortlist The Elite is an exceptionally fast,open,refined and expressive loudspeaker with an EMIT radial ribbon tweeter.They prefer being sited approx 8" to 14" from the back wall.Website is US distributor is Toffco-tel.-314.454.9966
I just wanted to correct the info I posted earlier. The Soliloquy home page has been changed from when I last was on it about a year ago. They now seem to recommend a minimum placement from the wall as 4X the diameter of the rear port. On the 5.3's its about 3 inches. I guess 12 inches from the wall would be OK. I don't know how big the port is on 6.3's. Check out their home page for more info.
All of the speakers you are considering are definitely worth an audition. I suggest you pick the one that sounds the best on your favorite source. You can't go wrog with any of them in my opinion.
If the Silverline Sonatina is anything like their sr17, or their Corona, you can get excellent results. The silverline product is one of the best values in audio, and an imaculate finish seen on the finest musical instruments. The Vandersteen 2ce's are also great. If you feel like some adventure, try the legacy audio classics, or the accents. All are killer choices. Not cheap, but worth every cent. Good luck, and enjoy listening adventure.
Your requirement of a maximum of one foot from the wall is a difficult one for many speaker systems. Speakers with rear facing drivers or pasive radiators will be especially problematical. Side firing woofers may also present problems in speaker placement.