Need Help with Speaker Cable

I need help with speaker cable what to use for BW Nautilus 804 and Conrad Johnson amp solid state MF2500. And may be with the interconnect also I am using audioquest cable right now. Thanks
MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire or MH-750 depending on your budget. I use to run T2 with the MF2100 with good results. Good deals at
What is your source and preamp?
My Harmonic Technology Pro9-Plus Bi-Wire cable sounds great with my B&W 805's. You can occasionally find a pair at 40% off here at Audiogon.
Source are Rotel RCD 991 Pre-amp BK Ref 30. Thanks
Have you played around with the dither on you 991?
I have tried a lot of cables in the last year, and the best overall has been Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable. It is quite affordable as well at 500.00 retail for an 8ft pair. It beats the sound of cables costing 10x its price.
Sugarbrie, I have played around with the dither sound is not that much different very little I usually leave at 4 or nothing at all. Have anyone using analysis plus and harmonic cable for their system.
4 Dither setting on the 991 seems to be the one used by most people. I had the 990 and found 6 the best on that one. I do not recommend no dither.