Need help with room treatment acoustic treatment

I want to treat my dedicated 15'L x 11'W x 8'H listen room. It has solid bamboo floor and popcorn ceiling. I placed the speakers near the 11' wall. I have played with speakers and seating positioning a lot.

Please make any recommendation includes the products, application, any technical information, and etc regarding acoustic / room treatment.

My system consist of the following:

Sonus Faber Cremona floor standing speakers
Audio Research CD7 CD player
Audio Research Reference 110 amplifier
Audio Research Reference 3 preamplifier
Shunyata Research Hydra 4 Power conditioner
Shunyata Research Python Helix Alpha power cables
Kimber Kable KS-3033 speaker cables
Kimber Kable KS-1111 XLR interconnect
Mapleshade Brass footers
Maple platforms
Hi Manpr6,

My compliments to you on addressing the importance of acoustically treating your listening room. It will pay off. What I have learned is that ALL rooms are in need of bass control so there is most likely a need in your room as well. That, along with first reflection point treatment seem to be the place to start according to the pros. I have done a lot myself using recipes by Jon Risch which you can find here:

Jon Risch's Web Page

There are two forums that I would suggest. Both are facilitated by professionals who are very willing to share what they know about room acoustics and are in full support of DIY-er's as well as those who would buy their products and services.

Acoustics Circle


Room Acoustics Forum
Check out for lots of technical information and great products.
Some good tips here: (
Thank you for the information.
how about synergistic research's ART. anyone ever heard of it?
I heard the ART system at Jason Serinus' house in a BAAS event. To me, it was an amazing demonstration. I have bought Tibetan bowls and small Ikea(thanks Big Red Machine)bowls to experiment with, since I can't afford the ART treatment. There is definitely an opening of the sound(field?).
Stick with real sound treatment, not voodoo.

A rug with heavy commercial padding under it, and heavy curtains for a start.

Add the first panel traps to the left/right side reflection points, and then treat the wallbehind you.

Experiment with pulling the speakers out from the back wall. Your speakers are rear vented, and the bass can be adjusted this way.

John C.