Need help with room!!!!

Is a room 20'X 14' large enough to get the best sound potential from a pair of full range tower speakers (Snell CV)? What would be a perfectly sized room for an A/V (mainly audio only) system? - assuming you're NOT Bill Gates. Any advice is needed. Thanks.
Run, don't walk, to your nearest Online bookstore, to buy F. Alton Everest, "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget". And look for his "Master Handbook of Acoustics" in libraries too. (10 years earlier than "Sound Studio", not nearly as good on current RPG-type devices, but extremely useful too, and it has a "model" room about the size of yours, with room nodes worked out). Your room IS big enough, suitable treated. Good luck--it's a fun project.
Thanks Tom. I'll see if I can't get hold of that book!
Usually the biggest problem with a room is the type of speakers and where to place them. norwex B-2 Nisse is in our opinion the most flexible solution here for both regular stereo music and full home theater. Being a building block system we start with the 2 front speakers B-2 Nisse specifically made for installing on a bookshelf or in a wall unit, being only 9 inches high (same as a typical novel). But any near-wall installation will do (approximately 6 inches). We suplly custom made floor stands for them, or you can month them on the wall with the available 4-way adjustable brackets. White cabinet and white brackets and cables against a white wall is getting very popular! Later you can add the center channel which is matching tonally. Then a subwoofer, and finally another pair of B-2 Nisse. Read the current issue of SoundStage! on the web: and click on Audio for a review of norwex B-2 Nisse. You can also go to our site: If you have an interest after that, contact Harald Aasland at our e-mail address listed.
Hi Treyhoss; I have Vandersteen 3A sigs in a 14 X 22 room and sound/music quality is excellent. I think my 3As are fairly comparable in size and bass out-put to your CVs. I think you've got a nice sized room to work with. Good luck, and enjoy. Craig