Need help with rel or velodyne subwoofer for ster

I am considering a single velodyne or rel to augment base response in two channel. Both can be connected with RCA from the preamp or from the speaker binder post at the amp.

When using the speaker binding post, there would only be input from one channel? Does this constitute problems if base rich material is recorded in the contralateral channel?

Thank you.
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Use a splitter and hook up to both left and right
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do not know about the Velodyne but if you use a REL at high level it should be connected to both positives at the amp terminals and the single negative connected to either channel. This will give you a signal from both channels.
In my experience, connecting to low level pre-outs ruins the sound. This might work with a re with a dedicated buffered output but otherwise just show the pre-amp aload which ? screws it up.Sorry for the lack of technicality but's REL website explains better than I can that their subs are designed to be driven high level.
I sold mine but only because it was questionable whether it was compatible with my poweramp. In my experience they can make a very valuable contribution to the mids & highs on a stereo only system

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To me, most subs sound better using the high level inputs. And like Si said, that is what REL recommends.
The hi-level connections utilize both channels, and having owned REL for 4 years I have the opposite view on the hi vs low debate. In my system and room, the pre-out connection provides a tighter, more tuneful and integrated sound. Don't rely on REL's ads or literature to determine what your ears tell you sounds best!
Thanks guys.

Bojack, do you connect the line out from the sub to the amp and filter out the low freq going to the amp & speakers?
I simply run a L and R interconnect from my preamp's "Pre Out" RCAs to the "Lo Level" inputs on the REL. The REL then gives you the ability to blend the sound to your main speakers via crossover frequency, polarity, and volume controls. With the RELs, your main speakers must run full range, but I've had no problems with this. (REL's system prevents people from tinkering with their main speakers' crossovers, etc, which can open a can of worms.) Hope this helps.
Dear Glai: Bojack is right: the pre-out is the best way to go.

Now, the integration of subwoofers in an audio system is more much more than only " more bass ". Take a look to these links:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Just try it both ways and see what you prefer. With an REL you can it hooked up both ways. I still prefer the high level inputs. They seem to blend much better with my speakers, the timing is just right. You are getting the signal to the sub at the same time it is getting to your speakers. Where the low level seems to be a bit slower.
But what I don't get about this timing logic which supposedly favors the high level outputs is the fact that the signal then has to go through the sub's amplifier. If the signal is coming from the preamp's low-level outputs, then both sets of signals then have to pass through their respective amplifiers, which, it seems to me, would make the timing more matched.

Of course, not having any serious technical background, I may just be speaking ex recti.