Need help with ProAc Response OneSC

Anyone has any comments about ProAc Response OneSC? I am going to purchase one soon, but have not had a chance to compare with other speakers in the price range, ie. Totem model one sig. Anyone has done any comparisons with other speakers? I like speakers with good image/soundstage and listen to variety of music. I am going to drive them with a (budget) integrated amplifier, again, I need some help. Which reasonable priced amp would be able to drive the Response One? Thanks.
I owned a pair of ProAc 2.5 and i got to tell you they make me smile every time i listened to them.They image like crazy and the sound is so effortless that you just relax and let the music wash over you.I think you just can't go wrong with ProAc .I drive my with the Cary SLM 100 in triod mode plus kimber select speaker wire and interconnect directly to my Wadia cd player.Good luck.
i heard the proac tablette 50 signatures - supposedly not as good as the 1sc's. they put the totems on the trailer. totems were nice, yust not in the same league as the proacs. the totems i listened to were the staff's - i understand this is the floor-standing version of their signatures. both speakers were x-d over at 60hz to my subs. the totem's were not nearly as detailed & clean as the proacs. both were musical, w/a good soundstage, but the clean, detailed sound of the proacs easily beat the totems.
ProAc's are great speakers, however they are very critical of the rest of your components. If you have a mediocr amp and source, you won't ever know the full potential of you speakers. I suggest to "hit the sidewalks" and audition as many "gear" you can. if you can't do that, and you are un-willing to upgrade your source-amp components, than do some research what would be best match for your current gear! is a good start!
Listen to Coincident Conquests.You will be happy you did.Less money better speaker.
I almost bought a pair of these speakers after hearing so many rave reviews about them. When I went to the store to audition them, I was bit disappointed. It sounded very analytical & I just couldnt stand the excess highs. In the end, I bought instead the Vienna Acoustics Haydn at half the price. The finish of the haydn is as good, the bass is as good & the best part, it sounded very good without having to use expensive stuff. I paired the haydn with the Audio Analogue Puccini SE Remote with the Paganini CD player and Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables. Great combo and no regrets!
ProAc calls the 1SC a miniature and the Tablette 2000 Signature the ultimate in compact loudspeaker design. They share the same tweeter and the same Michell binding posts. The Signature has a larger cabinet and bass driver. It comes only in premium finishes, which are optional on the 1SC. They won't move a lot of air like a floor stander, but if you can accept that, the 2000 Signatures are ProAc's best kept little secret. The all-model ProAc manual says "When used as intended they are virtually indestructible." But, if you destroy them clipping your budget integrated, good luck finding a shoulder to cry on.
there's an alchemist kraken integrated f/s on audiogon - would be a perfect match w/the proac 1sc's. my brother-in-law uses the kraken separates to drive his proac 2.5's - *great* sound...
I haven't heard the Response 1sc but have given the Response 2s a good audition in my system and I own the ProAc Studio 150's. I'd highly recommend the McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe I have as a good match at a used price of less than $1,000.
Hi Topp,
I know It´s a very old thread, but may be you or other users are still interested in this experience.I actually have a pair of Proac´s 1SC.They sound to my ears with clarity, excellent imaging and accuracy.They are very engaging and you can really enjoy and relax  while listening.At the beginnig I was using them with a solid state amp(ARC D200) and an ARC Ls2bMk2 preamp.Mids and hights were ok ,but there weren´t practically any bass frequencies.I called the seller and he remembered me what he had told before selling them......¨ Proacs have to be used with tubes amps.¨Put a good tube amp and you will see...¨So I have the occasion to test a Jadis Orchestra  integrated tube amp,and Oh lala!!!All the bass section appeard.Then I had to make another adjustments with inteconnects cables.I ´m using now Van Den Hul ¨The first¨ cables and they match very well with amp and speakers.You can hear deepness, all instruments detailed and an airy sound.So my suggestion is to buy a good tube integrated amp with Proac 1sc.In some stereophile review I red that Cary 300 SEI amp match as well.Another tube amp could be VTL IT-85 which I heard when I purchased these speakers.
I hope this helps!