I'm just wondering if anyone happens to know the general price range of Bryston speakers as well as Paradigm's line of speakers. All I can find are specific prices for specific models, but I just need general price range of all of their speaker products.

It would be very helpful if someone could get back to me on this. THANKS!
Don't know anything about Bryston speakers but Paradigms range from about $150 to $6000 per pair.
I don't think bryston makes speakers? Paradigm I would not be surprised if they are owned by the same canadian company now though.. Or they are only thru the same distributor or something.. Kinda like harmon international thru the U.S. for Revel, Levinson, Lexicon etc..
Thanks that was very helpful. Do anyone of you know anything about Icon Acoustic speakers? I'm looking for the approximate weight and dimension of their Parsec speakers from back in the 1980s...
Bryston and Paradigm are not relate. Paradigm and Anthem on the other hand are related.