Need help with preamp settings for Dynavector 10x5

I recently purchased a Manley Chinook and am attempting to pair it with a Dynavector 10x5. This is a high output (2.5mv) MC and seems to fall in a gray area for settings. I read several threads discussing use of MM vs MC preamps but none that recommended specific settings.

I am a complete phono preamp newbie. Given the adjustability of the Chinook, I am hoping someone can recommend the best setup for this cartridge. 

If it's 2.5mv then MM input with 47k Ohm to start with 
Manley Chinook looks like 45dB gain (MM) and 47k ohms loading which works fine.  

I’m using 40dB gain and 50k ohm with my Phonomena ii. Been thinking about bumping the gain a bit where I think it might sound just a tad better.