Need help with preamp choice...

Narrowed down to Audio Mirror T-61, Tube Audio Design TAD-150, and Sonic Frontiers SF1 Signature. Which is the best?
Anything outclassing them in their price range (used)? Thanks!
I highly recommend PS Audio GCP/GCPS. Gain Cells as volume controls are very innovative, resolving known issues with conventional volume controls. It is extremely flexible, offering SE and XLR I/Os. It also has polarity control (although it is misnamed "Phase")and balance L/R on the remote
Tweak1, the PS Audio gain cell stuff is going to be above the stated budget. All the ones Pmboyd lists can be had for $1k or less these days. However, the previous generation PS Audio PCA preamp can be had for around $800 and I'd seriously consider that one. The PCA has a lot of flexibilty and is a very good preamp for the price. PmBoyd, you can't expect a useful response to a question like "what's the best." It's "what's the best for me in the context of my system and preferences," and that's a hard question to answer with out more info than you give us. How well a given preamp works with the rest of your components, synergy, is what you seek. At used prices, Wright Sound, Eastern Electric, Usher, Aloia, Cary, Electrocompaniet, Music Reference, and many more make preamps competitive with or exceeding the quality of those you've listed.
MapleTree Audio (MAD) preamps are very musical for the price.

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True, Photon-46, but I have so many components as potential mates, it's difficult to pinpoint the context. However, for the sake of argument, let's say the preamp could mate with a TAD-60 tube amp or a Portal Panache SS integrated. I'm looking for a preamp with a remote, minimal inputs OK, just good dynamic, extended, detailed, balanced but characteristically full rich tube sound.
PS. My budget is up to 1K. Compact/small footprint is a plus for me too. AES/Cary?
PPS. I listen primary to acoustic music. Flabby bass is particularly intolerable.
If you want "full rich tube sound" stay away from the Sonic Frontiers. Their preamps are noted to be particularly "untubey" in review after review. That said, they are a classy product and still well supported for any needed repairs. Unfortunately, you're going to be really limited by insisting on remote capability. I understand, having a remote preamp myself now, I like not having to get off my bum to change things. You're going to need to settle on what sort of amp you want to make an informed decision. If you end up going with a tubed power amp, you don't need a tube preamp to get tube virtues in your system. A solid state preamp/tube power amp is a potentially felicitous combination. You also need to pay attention to impedance and gain compatibility. Too much gain from the preamp is a common problem. You can get around that problem with Rothwell attenuators though. Check out Carys' less expensive line AES. The AE3-DJH has a small footprint, remote control and the classic tube sound. That might the ticket. Were it not for the fact that it lacks a remote, the Eastern Electric Minimax sounds like your kind of preamp soundwise.
Thanks for the input, Photon. OK. Let's say the TAD-60 tube amp. What preamp would you be inclined to mate with it? I don't HAVE to have a remote; it's just that I've gotten used to one -- not having to jump up, for instance, when I'm on the phone which is a lot. Depth, detail, dynamics, quiet, accurate placement in a spacious soundtage are musts, more so than convenience featurs.
I checked out TAD's website and products. My impression is that the TADs are probably a fine pair and a good value. Not having heard them, I can't say more than that. They don't give specs for input impedance & gain, so you can't weigh those factors now with regard to mating outside the TAD family. You can go crazy trying to make decisions based on reviews. At a certain point you just have to make a leap of faith and buy something, hoping it works out. If not, well, that's what Audiogon is for.
I have a TAD-150 Sig and am very, very happy with it. I've used it combined with a few different power amps (all SS) and it's done well with all of them. I'm infamiliar with how it stacks up to the other pre's mentioned here though.

I could not own a preamp without remote at this point. just too lazy I guess.
I'm not married to the idea of a tube preamp. Can anybody tell me about the qualities of the new PS Audio P-200 with gain cell technolgy?
Other possibilites have opened up: Mapletree Ultra 4A SE and Audible Illusions Modulus 3A... Comments?