Need help with phono stage and cartridge upgrade.

Hi,I need some advice? I have a Schiit Mani and a Magaoka MP150 cartridge. I have $1100.00 to upgrade. In your opinion how should I spend it? All on a Cartridge, all on a Phono stage or a Phono stage and Cartridge? What's your opinion, And can you give me some recommendations. Thanks.
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you need to tell us more about your system your musical tastes and what about the sound of your system you are trying to improve

then we can actually be helpful
I listen to mostly contemporary jazz and also some folk, like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and occasionally some fusion. My system is a mix of vintage and new equipment. My Amps are B&K 200 mono blocks with a Aric audio tube rectified preamp. The speakers are aerial acoustic model sixes. I have two Rel T/7i subs and a JVC QLY 3F Turn table and a Schiit Mani phono stage.
you have a good system.  resolving and extended top to bottom.

suggest you do both... get a good used lehmann black cube se for 400-500 and a benz glider medium for 700 (one of these benz's is on a-gon now)... 

will be a major step up in detail and refinement in sound from your current nag and mani