Need Help with New DAC

Hi, I am new at DAC but I heard that if you add a dac in your system its really sound good currently my set-up is Classe amp and pre-amp with rotel rcd 991 bw speaker, my budget is around 1k what should I get that really help my system new or used does not matter. (ML N.36, theta gen Va, msb Gold link or whatever any info would be greatly appreciate).
Get the Bel Canto 1.1 used for around $750, or pay $1350 for the new model 2.0. The 1.1 sounds GREAT! I am not the only one who thinks so. Another option is a California Audio Labs Sigma 24/96 or Alpha 24/96. These have tubes and even without the 24/96 upgrade sound great also. Of course, I decided to do without a separate DAC at all and instead listen to my EMC-1 and CAL Icon Mk II naked. Sound is fabulous. Conclusion: separate-box DACs are not always necessary, listen to your player for awhile and see if you think anything is missing.
If you are not averse to the idea of having a $300 DAC, I'd suggest a modified DI/O. There is much information available on Audigon forums and over yonder at AudioAsylum digital forum. It should reward you well to do little bit of research on DI/O before coming to a decision.....unless you are the type of people who like to show off the staggering price tag or the shiny faceplate of your audio gear, that is. ;)
Check out the Birdland Odeon l\Lite - sells for 1k new. It has a volume control also so no preamp if you want direct - there is also a higher model that sells for 1400 new.
There's a Classe' DAC1 w/HDCD listed right now for 1K. I really like the one I bought recently. Its a significant upgrade from the highly regarded DAC in my CAL CL-10. Of course, you also have to budget for good digital cable.
I do not think you can get a ML, Theta GenV or MSB Gold for less than $1k used. The Theta GenVa is the best dac I have personally ever heard but it's expensive. I have owned the Bel Canto 1, Cal Sigma II and some others. The Bel Canto 1 is not bad if you do not want to tweak much, but I slightly preferred the sound of an older Micromega to it. Same for the Cal Sigma. I also have an unmodified Art DI/O, which I paid $130 for plus another $40 or so for power supply upgrade, line attenuators and connectors. After an extended break in (almost 3 months) and leaving the tube in it, I have to say that it comes closer to the Bel Canto, Cal Sigma or Micromega than you would think, given it low price. There are mods available that cost around another $225 or so and supposedly elevate its performance even more. The only negatives I have found with the DI/O are that it sprays out some RFI (I have to turn it off to listen to the tuner)and its soundstaging is spacious but a little vague. If your just starting out with dacs, I can't think of a better way to start than the DI/O.
Thanks for all your response, if my budget allowed me to 1500 then can I be better with ML, theta genv or msb gold or the new music fidelity dac or even with bel canto, which one is good for me?
thanks again
Try and find a Muse Model Two Plus. You should be able to find one for no more than $700 used. This is a most excellent DAC for the music lover, not etchy or Hi-Fi sounding at all.

Good luck!
I have had both a Theta and a newer Ml rig, and the strengths/character of each was dintinct. In my system, I prefer the ML, but frankly they are both great DACs overall - it just depends on your musical preference (guessing that the Theta may complement the Classe amp better - without knowing which one you are using - but again that is my taste). Incidentally, though it is a crowd and reviewer favorite, I was not impressed by Musical Fidelity's offering (think I might be the only one who wasn't).

Good luck and don't forget a good cable!

Currently using CA-201
The Musical Fidelity A3-24 DAC sells new for around $1,200 which fits your budget and is a superb DAC for the price. Yes, Stereophile gave it a rave review and most people that I have spoken to and have heard it really like it. I purchased one and after 130 hours of burn in find that it just keeps getting better and better with each and every listening session. I’m using tube gear through out my system (SF Line 3 and Wolcott tube monos) and am getting stunning performance using the MF A3. However, some posts from people here on A-Gon who appear to have solid state systems haven’t been thrilled with the MF A3 and prefer a CD player or DAC with a tube output stage.

Your Classe CA 201 is a pretty musical SS amp and I think you just might find the MF A3 to be a good fit. The MF A3 is certainly worth your time to audition. At $1,200 it fits your budget and leaves some extra cash left over for a very good digital cable.

Regards and musical listening!