Need help with my speakers

I have a pair of speakers made by Unity Audio, which I am trying to identify!

I have been using them for years, but I haven't been able to really get any good info on my specific model, they seem different than everything I have seen from various google searches and going through the Blue Book here!

I am moving into a condo that I do not have room for my rather large setup, so I am trying to sell them ( Also, my girlfriend think they are hideous )! I would like to identify them so I can use the blue book here!

They are the floorstanding speakers shown HERE (I apologize that is a link to and expired ad of someones but is the best picture I can find!) with a few differences.

Mine are a grey and black finish and not the pictured aqua color above.
Mine only have one set of terminals on the back, and do not have the rear facing tweeter.

Barring those differences the front and backs are the same!

Anyone that can help would be much appreiciated!
If my Blue Book is correct, the Parm was made in 1984-5, retialed for $1750. The Parm Biamp was considered a sub & sat set-up, 4 pieces total and was $15,000! Other pieces listed are the Signature 1 2995, signature 3 parm loading 1795pr and signature pyramid 5000/pr. They also list a parm xover for 2750.
If yours is 4 pieces with an xover, that makes it a pretty valuable piece to the right person???
I can shoot over pic of the 1994 Blue Book if you need.
I don't have any more than just the speakers unfortunately! However these are not the really nice ones listed in my link! Mine look just like those except with one set of speaker terminals and no rear facing tweeter!

I have ones that seem like a basic model but with the heavy stone enclosure! I can find many versions of it in wood but not the ones I have! :(

I have tried contacting Mr Grost before but I did not get a reply, he is probably very preoccupied with his company now!!
Those should be the same as the Sig III speaker except for the corian enclosure (Parm) I believe. It was probably a more expensive option, but won't count for much in today's market. Some of the wood Unity speakers really looked nice. I didn't sell Unity until 1993. We had a center speaker and surround speakers in the gray corian.
Cool, glad others have seen these things before, they are so weird!

Thanks for the great info, very helpful here! :-)