Need Help with my Proceed AMP3

My AMP-3 has been working perfectly for more than 10 years.

Recently, something has gone wrong. It can still work but cannot be switched off by the power button.

I opened the case and found those red LEDs on the circuit boards are always ON. Pressing the power button has no effect on them.

Any ideas how this can be fixed.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

One more observation.

Pressing the power button can toggle the front LED from orange to red or vise versa but the AMP3 is still always ON.
Yeah, that will work.
Just wonder if there is a simple way to repair the circuitry.
You would have to replace the switch.
I leave my amp on 24/7. Enjoy ! MrD.
look for any burnt resistor, shorted transistor or leaked cap, also check the relay contact on this circuit board.
Thanks for the advice.
Then  I will try to remove and test the two transistors first as it can be done easily.