Need help with my Magnepan Unitrac 1 tonearm

I just received the Unitrac 1 tonearm that I won off e-bay. Although the arm is in excellent condition I am having trouble with the headshell wiring harness.

There is evidently a loose connection in the harness and I have to gently jiggle the wires at the headshell end of the harness in order to get sound from both channels.

Am afraid that if I look at it the wrong way, or even breathe on it, I will get either no sound or get sound out of one channel only.

Is there anyone out there with an extra working harness or anyone who can fine solder? Will gladly pay.

Desperate in the Hudson Valley, NY.
You might do a search at the vinyl engine - Mosin is very knowledgable with the Unitrac....

Thanks for the kind words. I try. An update to Jeff's problem is that he did contact me shortly after his post here, and I put him in touch with a fellow who could competently repair the wiring of his Unitrac. He's rocking and rolling now.


Do you feel that original wiring is worth repairing as opposed to replacing with a better wire when the connectors start to give problems?

Would it be possible or adviseable to replace with a single run such as the Cardas Incognito style or better?

Thanks in advance,