Need HELP with my CD player

Hi all -

I currently have a pair of B&W 802d (first generation) powered by Classe CAM-200 monoblocks with a Bryston BP26 preamp.

Currently my CD player is an Arcam CD-72.

I've been complaining that my speakers sound congested in the midrange, not as open, dynamic and airy as some of the newer speakers i've listened to (Sopra 3).

Yesterday, I had a friend connect his streaming box (Blue Sound Node 2i) with his Tidal streaming service.

Doing an A/B comparison of songs (stream/CD) of old and new material, I found the streaming box was much more uncongested, open, dynamic and airy sounding.

All of a sudden my speakers came alive.

Is this a function of streaming services in general or does my CD player need to be upgraded.

I have many CD's, rare ones, that I would like to still have a CD player.

What exactly am I hearing, and what CD player would you suggest to open up my current components.

Thanks in advance....
How can you take an original source and make it better than the original source? Your CD player is the weak link. 

If you enjoy the Arcam house-sound, step up to a FMJ cd player.
Otherwise, research a different, newer, CD player. Have fun!

Happy Listening!
I agree, that's why I'm thinking the Arcam is the issue. Honestly, I didn't realize that it is almost 20 years old. 

The question is, should I buy a separate DAC and transport?

If so, what would be a high resolution, good match for my 802d, Classe, Bryston combo.

Bryston makes a well-regarded CD player and separate DAC for your consideration. B&W speakers are easy to match gear.

Happy Listening!
If you liked the sound of the Node why not try a Bluesound Vault that’s similar and you can load all your CDs directly into it and forget about the CD player?  Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 is another option, and you can upgrade either with a better DAC down the road.  Best of luck. 
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As @bigkidz said, 
For cheap the Rega Saturn.
And for even better sound (I know, I've owned both), try the Rega Saturn-R (about $1500 used). It's my current CD player, and it ain't going anywhere soon.....

If you have a desire to run a CD transport and DAC combo, check out this recent thread. OP seems happy with his acquisition...