need help with Moerch tone-arm setup.

I have searched the forums , but all the threads I see are a lot older and didnt find what I really needed.

I recently bought a VPI HW-19 MK 111 table and a Moerch UP-4 tonearm was included.        

I have looked at the instructions and have seen this in the forums , but it mentions what weights to use and depends on the color ?              

Can someone explain what they are referring to ?        

 How do I know how many weights to add to the back of the tone-arm ?

I am sure I will have more questions, but this will be a start.

Thanks to those that reply.
Sounds like you'll need to back up and figure a lot out here. 

1) There are a number of different arm wands for Moerch tonearms, which allows you to use a lot of different cartridges. There should be a dot or mark on the armwand that is blue/red/green/etc that indicates the armwand mass. Some carts are better suited to high or low mass arms and vice versa. Moerch has lists you can find online that should enable you to find which color/mass armwand is best for your cartridge. Or if you don't have a cart yet, you can look at the list for suggestions of carts that are a good match. 

2) Now you'll need to use some combo of the weights included with the arm (that slide onto the rod at the back of the arm), to achieve the appropriate VTF for your cartridge. This is specified by the cartridge manufacturer. You'll need a scale to get that dialed in. There are some cheap electronic jewelers scales that work for this. No need to get something pricey.

Maybe this info is too basic. Hopefully it helps. BTW, Moerch arms are great!
"  Sounds like you'll need to back up and figure a lot out here. "

This is a big step up from the Technics sl-1200 mk 11 I had a few years back.

I have the Shelter 90x cartridge

for the scale, would be using the Shure TF gauge for now.

Your Shelter cartridge weighs 9.7 grams. Which color of arm tube do you have?  There is colored "dot" right behind the headshell.  This will determine which counterweights you will use.
"   There is colored "dot" right behind the headshell "

Green dot. my reply to your PM to me.
Looks like red dot would be a better match but with green dot, you want large counterweight plus the tracking force weight (the small one with the hole centered).