Need help with MM cartridge choice

I've stumbled across a good deal on a Rega Planar 3 fitted with a Grace G-747 that looks to be an excellent choice for my second / MM table.  It has an old ADC on it that almost certainly needs a new stylus and I was never very fond of the ADC sound to begin with.  I've had good luck with B&O, Ortofon, Grace, Empire and Shure, but everything except Ortofon is ancient history now.

This table would be used for vinyl that can't really benefit from being spun on the Sota.  Think fair-to-good condition second-hand albums cleaned ultrasonically with minor visible scuffs that have seen a lot of play.  I prefer a neutral tone balance with flat frequency response.  Specs in the tonearm manual are pretty thin; 4 to 10 gram standard cartridge weight and nothing more.

Presuming the table & arm meet the mechanical, operating and geometry inspections when I go back tomorrow, I'd like some suggestions on an appropriate modern-era cartridge match.  I'd like to keep the investment ~$300 and definitely want something for which replacement styli are still made.  For those of you who haven't seen my posts before or checked my system page, I run a McIntosh C50 with a MC302 amp into Rogers Studio 1 speakers.  My primary table is a Sota Sapphire with a Graham Phantom Supreme and a DV XX2 MkII.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to your replies!

Update on this:  Did some final tweaks on VTA and VTF and am very satisfied with the results.  Substantially better sound quality and tracking ability than the Pioneer PL-15 II I had been using as a second table.  The ATC 440 does indeed perform well, especially now that the VTA is more correct (the arm had been set ~2 mm or so too high).

Longer term, I may either replace the stylus with the current 540 version or install an Ortofon OM with a new OM30 stylus I found scrounging through my stuff.  The ATC has one serious design drawback for me:  It is very hard to see the stylus during alignment.  I recently developed a permanent visual impairment that makes cartridge alignment a special torture.  The ATC design is one I could never align for myself now while Ortofon, vintage Grace and Grado remain feasible.  Fortunately that's a decision I don't need to make anytime soon.
congrats - bet it sounds great ! enjoy. sorry to hear of the vision struggles. Rock on !
Have a look at the Garrott bros line of Phono cartridges. You will find one in your budget and won't be disappointed. Also with the current exchange rate, you will save 0.25$ on the dollar!