need help with Merlin vsm mme for home theater

thinking of buying vsm mme, my questions are, is it possible to use my Jlaudio f113 subwoofer with the speakers and not use the Bams? or do the bams have affect on the mids?
What is meant by RC's?
Is anyone using the vsm for home theater?
Since they're not demanding at 89db I was thinking of using my Arcam avr400, I know the speakers sound great with tube amp but I'm interested in a HT set up with what I have right now.
any input would be very helpful.
Thank you
Anyone use Merlins vsm mme with an AVR and a subwoofer and no Bams? is that possible?
I would call Bobby at Merlin, I'm sure he would be happy to guide you through this. Not sure why, but I can't recall hearing from anyone that was using the Merlins through an AVR, which doesn't mean it is not being done....
I'm sure it can be done. I don't think the system is going to sound as good as it could with an AVR (i.e., as it would with a higher quality pre and amp - or integrated). You could get the speakers without the BAMs and use a subwoofer as well. One advantage of the BAM is the roll-off in the very deep bass; because of this, distortion in the mid-range is reduced with use of the BAM (the VSM is a two-way speaker, and both bass and mid-range are produced by the same driver).

Having said that, I'll add that I am using TSMs with a low to moderately priced integrated in my video-only system. While sometimes I certainly "notice" the lower quality amplification, it's good enough for me for video. My bias is to use the best and most neutral speaker possible; and then work to tweak the rest of the system to create the best sound possible, e.g., using room treatments, careful speaker position, etc. For that reason, I like your idea of using the VSMs. By the way, if you want really deep, pounding bass - e.g., for explosions, special effects, etc - I think you would want to go with a subwoofer. And if you want to play loud movies very loudly in a big room, you *may* want to consider a three-way speaker (see talking to Merlin below).

Oh yeah, the RCs: I forget what the acronym stands for, but they are "jumpers" which reduce distortion from the amplifier. They attach to the speaker terminals.

Finally, I agree with Pubul, and suggest you call Merlin (Bobby) to discuss what you are trying to achieve. My experience tells me he will be happy to help, even if you are considering buying used VSMs. At this level of performance and price, I think it worth getting the best advice and suggestions you can.
I just came across Bobby's post here and it answers my question.
I did see a post of someone using an Arcam avr350 with the vsm's and happy with it probably using bams as well.
thank you for your feedback.
jfz, your post is very conforting because I am thinking of buying the Merlin vsm mme from a relative who bought them from Bobby and was'nt sure if I sould ask Bobby about the bams so thank you for that.
As you say if its a matter of tweaking I'll try to crossover at the low end of the vsm's say at 40Hz? and keep trying I will probably get the bams just in case.
My room is 20x20x12-15 (angle ceiling) I beleive the vsm's will be fine.
Thank you for the great post it also brought back my hopes of getting them, I'm excited about that.
Bobby has a loyal following because he is loyal to his customers and his product - he wants you to have a good experience with your Merlins, know that satisfied customers help create more customers over time. Bobby is a great designer, the Merlins are very well sorted speakers - no flavor of the month, and Bobby is very helpful when you reach out. He may very well reply here before you get a hold of him.....
I'm looking forward to getting them soon, thats exactly what I like about them "no flavor of the month".
Thank you so much for your valuable input it has been very helpful.

The BAM's boost is centered at 35 Hz. I'm not sure what range it operates over (Q) but I would think that your idea of trying the crossover at 40 Hz would be a good starting point.

hi everyone,
the rc is an hf filter at 1.6 mhz. it also offers the amp a termination of 10 ohms at 100 khz so the amp settles down and sounds as it should. a must in cities where there is an abundance of fri and emi.
the bam has a 5.2 db boost centered at 35 hz (narrow band) to boost bass energy to make the vsm's response flat to 32 hz. it also filters energy below 28 hz to remove out of band energy which increases im distortion in the mid band.
imo the sub at 30 hz with the bam in the system is the way to go as the sub will not reproduce 40 hz as well at teh vsm bam combination from a distortion and natural sense. abundance is another issue.
jfz's opinion shows great consideration has been used and i profoundly agree.
thanks to paul too.
I'm sure I read a thread here about the ideal subwoofer xver points for the Merlins.
My Arcam'avr400's crossover low is 40Hz but I can always tweak it manually, I'm getting the bams as well, they need batteries? but I will hook it up as well and see if I can achieve a decent rollover.
thanks you for the info
You're right I found a few posts on Agon about subs + merlins it seems the concensus is approx 40hz,
I just bougth them the vsm mme with bams in excellent shape cant wait to fire them up!
I'm now using for cables Straight wire Symphony, hope they'll be ok,
They will sound perfectly fine with the Straightwire, assuming the connections are all good. I would think about cables till you have at least a year with your new toy!
Hi Bobby,
Thank you much for chiming in and explaining how the bam and rc's work.
I will try the bam and sub together and work on a roll off as you suggest 30hz that would work well with the vsm mme.
Should be getting them in 10 days, I would also be interested in a center channel. I'm using my amp's analog stereo inputs for music.
Thanks again Bobby
I just want to add that the person selling me the vsm is buying the latest merlins vsm again, that speaks volume about these speakers.
t, you do know there is a tsm and vsm center channel do you not? imho the speakers have a sound that is on the organic side and you must be careful to use a center that is similar in sound or you will not use it especially if it sticks out like a sore thumb.
I understand what you mean, that they should have the same voicing or timbre.
I recently purchased a 5.1 speaker set wich I need to sell before I accumulate a collection of speakers around the house, as soon as I set up the vsm I'll be looking to buy the vsm center and then the tsm, so I will call in a couple of weeks and order the vsm center for sure if thats the way to do it?
I'm sure I'll have future questions and I thank you for making yourself available to help out understanding the Merlin system.
Thank you Bobby
t, you actually would/may be able to use the tsm center with the rears and be right where you want to be.
less expensive and same family sound.
bobby p
I just picked up my new Ruby Red VSM Masters with the Master BAM a couple of hours ago....I must say no one in my 40 years of hi fi experience goes to the lengths Bobby does to make sure you understand his speakers and how to get the most out of them....He is a one of a kind and we are the better for it...I have a hybrid system.... laptop/Wyred4Sound dac...and a 5.1 surround 3D Oppo setup using an Anthem MXR700....I am running the BAM in the dac loop for the moment until I can find out from Anthem if there is a dedicated tape in/record out section on their back panel...Yes I know they sound better on the big ARS as I've heard that combo a number of times at Bobby's but I have to whack a couple of birds at one time with my current setup...I also use a shielded center TSM that Bobby made for me...Thanks for your patience and kindness Bobby from a very thrilled owner
jefff1, congrats on your set up.
Indeed thrilled is how I feel as well, and a feeling of thanks and gratitude for the work Bobby put in the Merlins,
after many years of searching for THE sound I just found in the VSM mme
I did not try Bam yet the Arcam avr400 includes a zobel network in its circuitry, so I did'nt put the jumpers and rc wires, my cables were bi-wired so I just did a simple hook up and the sound so far is phenomenal (on spikes), The Merlins will be my speakers for life,
I will try the bams but I can tell you that the bass is tight and low, fast. and I'm very happy with it, want to mentionned that I use a single jlaudio f113, crossover 40-60 still experimenting.
Bobby I will call you very soon.