Need help with Lenco L75

I'm going to try the Lenco L75 upgrade, and want to start looking for the pieces. I've read over some of the Home Despot posts, as well as going over, but would like some opinions on matching tonearms, cartridges and phono preamp (I especially need ideas on the preamp since I will probably pick that up first, since I need one now anyway). Can I get your ideas of what pieces have gone well together? This will be my first venture into it, so I dont mind starting on the simpler end. To that effect, I will probably look for a Linn LVV or LVX tonearm, and try to match the rest of the pieces. If it'll help, the system I will be running it with consists of PSB Alpha bookshelves, and a Qinpu A1.0x integrated amp. Speaker wire is Wasatch. Thanks for your help