Need Help with Interconnects for my tube system..

I have a Sonic frontiers sfs 80 amp , an Audio research ls7, and a clear audio phono preamp... with a rega planar 3 with rb 300 arm and nice cartridge.. forget right now..
speakers are mirage m 490 monitors.. 2 way.. with alpha core mi cables.. 8 ft pair.. silver spade..
what interconnects would compliment this system from
preamp to amp and from phono stage to preamp...
i am looking for a warm sound here...
this is a secondary system to my solid state gear..
all you vinyl me out!!
Question- Is it only your table that your wanting to sound a little warmer? Or are you wanting to make ALL your sources (in other workds, the entire system) warmer?

If it's just your table that needs a little more warmth, perhaps you'll want to consider a change in cartridge and/or do the Rega tonearm cable upgrade.

If you're looking to change the sound of the entire system, well, you may want to consider changing out the amp and/or preamp and/or speakers. Interconnects can certainly have a small influence the sound of a system, but they can't fundamentally change the sound. (Assuming, of course, that you already have halfway decent interconnects.)


BTW- Am I reading your post right?- Your tube gear is taking a back seat to your SS gear??
I used to run an SFS-40 and found great results using Harmonic Technology Truthlinks between pre and amp. Nice, warm sonics from an all copper design.
How about trying some warmer sounding NOS tubes for your preamp? Like Mullards or Brimars? Cheaper than many new interconnects, and has a larger effect on the sound.
TWL's idea is probably your best bet if you aren't happy with your overall sound. Sometimes just having new tubes of the same make is enough of a difference if the existing tubes are getting a little long in the tooth.

Since you already own the Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables, you know their product line. I suggest you seriously consider their Triode Quartz 2 (TQ2) interconnects, which have a MSRP of $186 per 1-meter pair. The original TQ1 was developed specifically for use with tubed equipment, and proved very successful. I recently installed the newer TQ2 IC's from the phono preamp to the main preamp, and from the preamp and power amp, and have been VERY pleased with the results (the TQ2's replaced HomeGrownAudio Silver Lace IC's). The October 2001 issue of Stereophile contained a full review of the TQ2 and other Alpha-Core interconnects.
The best ones are the ones you don't hear at all. The most neautral I have heard are from Chimera Labs and are far from being the most expensive at $230 a meter/pair. Word of mouth only sales and I believe it is a money back if you don't like them deal. I get mine next week. Not a spec of silver in them, not even the solder.
David Thatcher