Need help with integrated amp selection

I owned a pair of Legacy Audio Classic and would like your suggestion on an amp that would best match these speakers. I like the tube sound and have a budget of about $1000. Your inputs are appreciated.
With that speaker I would suggest you not use tubes due to its impedance characteristics. I think an 70 watt Pathos integrated hybrid (maybe above the price range) might be worth considering. You don't need a lot of watts to drive these speakers, but you do need some current to drive and control the bass.
I do think the Pathos will be out of your price range. Accordingly, I would look for a used Sim Audio integrated. I think there i-1 is 50 watts or so, and that should be enough voltage drive for your speakers.
There are several used Musical Fidelity integrated amps in your price range. They have a reputation for tubelike sound. Check Stereophile archives for reviews. Sim is good too.
That Music Fidelity A1 up for sale could be very interesting, if it is anything like the original from a few years back - is this one Class A also - if so that could be interesting indeed, 35 watts should be enough power for your speakers I would think.
Thought about Naim Nait 5i? Might surprise you.
Danlib1, another good recommendation for sure. If the new MF is anything like the old, that might be the one to look for. Class A SS seems to work best in the SS world.
The Canary Integrated is rated at 40 watts, but it is a VERY hefty 40 watts. It uses 4 EL 34 output tubes and puts out a glorious and beautiful sound. It should work really well with your Legacy Audio Classic speakers.
Pubul57, I was going to purchase an Onix sp3 to try it out, but I am going decide between the many good suggestions on this thread. I would seriously consider the MF a1 30 watts class a. Thx.
Jbm, I would caution against the tube amp with his speakers, that 4 ohm nominal will be a challenge, and if they are big swings across the spectrum it will severly challenge tubes. (Not saying it won't work, but that is a fairly good generalization - never know till you try though). Nammc1295, I do think that Naim Nait recommendation is also very promising, one hell of a nice integrated for the price.