Need Help With Input Sensitivity/Watts

My preamp puts out 0.7v into a 3.5 watt SET with an input sensitivity of 500mV. With my speakers I can drive everything really loud without any sound degradation so that's not the issue. My question is this: I'm looking at another power amp which is rated at 8 watts but with an input sensitivity of 800mV... Will the outcome be similar? How does the whole sensitivity/watts equation work? Currently (see what I did there...) I have the preamp's volume at 11/12 o'clock for ideal listening levels. What will happen with the 800mV/8 watt amp? Thanks for your help!

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FWIW a preamp that can only deliver 0.7 Volts is not much of a preamp!

Most preamps will make at least 2 volts (and many make much more than that), so in general if your amps are as sensitive as claimed (FWIW most SETs are less sensitive than that) you should have no worries.