Need help with IC upgrade Cardas Golden Cross

A few years ago I got a pair of Cardas Golden Cross ICs to smoothen out my solid state equipment. Recently I've changed the equipment to a Bel Canto Dac3 connected directly to my Conrad Johnson 2005a applifier. While I like this combination a feel like the Golden Cross cable is a little too soft. I'm looking for an IC with a little more definition and just a touch more forward. While I'm considering the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5.2 I'd be interested in any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Morrow Audio has a 60 day trial period and a trade up program that has worked for me. Using the MA4 at the moment with nice results. They are the most open and extended sounding cable I have tried so far to my ears.
From my experience, the Kimber Select 1021 is detailed but neutral in the sense that it doesn't alter the spectral nature of the music. Very true to the recording.
Morrow now charges 8% on all returns except if you upgrade to another cable. So you lose 8% of what you paid. It's his new policy and advertised on his website.