Need help with Hattor Audio ‘The Big’ PSU

Hi All,


Not posted on here for a long time and I have somewhat of a small favour to ask...


If anyone owns a Hattor Audio ‘The Big’ preamp, would they mind removing the rear panel screws of the PSU and carefully withdrawing it a little together with the internal pcb that’s attached to it. Then take some photos of the copper wiring that goes from the 5 pin connector to the PCB and kindly forward them to me via my email address:


The reason I ask, I took photos of the PSU with my mobile phone prior to upgrading it which I’m now in the middle of and my phone has decided to die on me for some reason... so I’ve now lost everything !?!?


TIA anyone... Phil.


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Contact him directly. He's very helpful

Hattor Audio
ul. Strumykowa 6B/58
03-138 Warsaw
tel: 0048 604 975 417