Need help with firguring out a source for a Classe CT-SSP

I recently purchased the CT-SSP from Audiogon and have programmed it for TV, blue ray and CD sources.  Works great and sounds tremendous, but for when  I  use the "TV" source, I get DirecTV fine, but only get the video signal and not the audio for Netflix, Prime, and other on-line sources.  Not sure how to resolve this.  Any ideas?
How do you have your "tv" sources defined in the tv? What is their audio output setting? It might be you simply need to change the audio source send at the TV for apps. Does sound play through the TV for those?

The Classe does not have an Audio Return Channel, SO it would be best for all audio sources to go to the classe first.  Not a problem if your using a device like Apple TV for streaming but if your streaming to your TV not sure if there's a way to get the audio signal to the classe...Maybe a digital out from the TV.