Need help with finding out value of home theater

I am quickly needing info. on what the value of certain equipment is if I am to sell it. I know the values of the products new, but it it is 1 1/2 years old, but has been in storage and not been used for the past 10 months. Here is the list of items :

B&W Signature 805's - 1 pair
B&W Nautilus HTM1 - 1
B&W ASW800 - 1 pair
B&W CCM80's - 2 pair
McIntosh MX134 - 1
McIntosh MC126 - 1
McIntosh MVP851 - 1
Audioquest Volcano Wire (10 ft.) pair - 1 pair
Rockustils Speakers - 1 pair
Active Thermal Kit - 1
McIntosh control panel - 1
Mitsubishi plasma TV (50 in.) - 1

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out on this.....
Orion Blue book
Local library or dealer (If they will let you look at it)
The signature 805's are good for about 650 bucks for the pair. I'd be glad to help you out and take them from you for an even 1000 dollars!!
why would you give him 1000 if they're only worth $650 ??
i'll give you 5 grand for the whole thing
I was told that I would be able to get 70%-80% of the value of the products new.
get the Agon bluebook, it isnt fair to ask for free info that many of us pay for.
Thanks, but I think I got the info. today that I needed from a local high end electronic company in my area...

BTW, someone told me that there was a pair of B&W signature 805's that just sold on this site for $2,700, so I don't think I would be interested in letting them go for $650 or $1000...I also would be crazy to let all of it go for a mere 5K....
It sounds like you have some valuable equipment.