Need Help with Ethernet Renderer/Mac/DAC

It is only after several hours of internet searching, researching, and experimenting that I ask for some help with these (seemingly "easy") connections. Color me slow i guess.

Ok, so I cant get sound to go from the Mac through the ethernet to the Bel Canto Renderer,
and then out of the renderer via SPDIF into a Bel Canto (BC) DAC 3.7. 
First things first, I cant even get the Mac/app to recognize the ethernet output

1.  The Renderer manual (from 2012-ha ha) says to use JRiver. 
.  I downloaded it for free trial, checked forums and readboards, forums. I dont get a drop down option for Bel Canto under the Player Options, so the Mac and/or JRiver are not recognizing the Renderer. tried every permutation possible. no luck.and I can't find a step by step directions
2.. so then i tried to download Roon for free, since I saw online that some folks were using this. but i use my trial period last year.
3. PureMusic-downloaded for free trial. despite the directions which state how easy it is to program the Mac and PureMusic to select the ethernet output, it did not work out either. 

Help! I'm not a techie, but I know computer basics, any suggestions? 
Have you checked that they are all within the same IP address group? Can you ping the Bel Canto Renderer successfully? The Bel Canto Renderer should have a driver for the Mac to talk to.
thx!  how do I check if they are all on the same IP address?
How do I ping the Bel Canto Renderer r?
I would assume the renderer has drive and also I have a Mac computer so I should not need to download another driver like on a PC computer. 


The Renderer will have the MAC address lable somewhere on it, usually on the product label. You can ping the MAC address and get the IP address from that.

The MAC address is in the format MAC AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF where each of the letters can be a number between 0-9 and letters between A-F. All network devices are allocated a unique MAC address usually initially sequenced by the manufacturer, that is netgear will have a common initial sequence and so on.

The local network you computer has allocated itself or the router can be recovered from the PC from the CMD prompt and use the IPCONFIG (ALL) command

You must go into the options for Jriver and select the DLNA option, otherwise it will not look for the renderer.

Once you have this selected, re-power the renderer and it will show up on the left side of the Jriver menu, assuming it is a UPnP/DLNA renderer.  Click on it and then you will be able to go to your playlists and tracks and play music.

BTW, I experienced better SQ using Linn Kinsky and Minimserver. They are both freeware. Must use both together. Start by entering your path to your music files in Minimserver.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Thank you @AMG56 and @audioengr 

AMG, this Renderer was cutting edge in 2012, Bel Canto was ahead of the game (sorry Sonore).
My unit is #16, so produced in 2012/13.
As such, it was not Mac compatible back then, so unfortunately there is no MAC address on the unit/box. So I can’t ping it (but at least now I know how to, thank you). 

Steve, thanks, I did have to check the DLNA box on JRiver, and the Renderer was recognized, and I’m playing right now. 

The renderer sounds great with with no warm up. Just like the metaphor, "a rising tide lifts all boats", the same is true with the Renderer, I’m hearing more (and more accurate) resolution on ALL frequencies from top to bottom. 
Happy listening