Need help with Denon 2803 speaker setup

My problem is when I'm setting up the speakers for small or large it remembers this setting for all the different inputs (CD, DVD, VCR-1, PHONO). I like my speaker setting for DVD to be different then they're for CD. For instances I would like my DVD setting to stay at speakers:small sub 80HZ and for CD speakers:large sub:60HZ. Any idea on how to do this so I don't have to keep changing the setup everytime I switch from CD to DVD or vise versa? My HK AVR520 allows me to keep multiple speaker setting for each input (DVD, CD, whatever).

I cant say for sure about Dennon, but my Rotel does what you are wanting to do, for example, I can have individual settings for Dolby Digital, and seperates for DTS, and seperates for Music (2 channel) I go into advanced speaker settings for this, maybe your Dennon has a similar menu path...p.s. subwoofer settings are totally independent also...if you ever want to look into Rotel, cheap mid-fi gear with good sound!