need help with choosing right cables

my system sounds sure cables are the using monster 950i innerconnesct and monster biwire speakercables.looking for more of liquid sound with out breaking the bank. my set up: b&k725amp denon333avr msb linkdac3 feeding pioneer333 as transport with monitor audio silver5s speakers.thanks to those who respond.trip
Leafs, You may be right. I haven't heard those players. I guess my point was more that, considering all his components, I wouldn't expect a source upgrade to solve his problems and I would hesitate to make it seem that simple. In any case, I would hope that he tries before he buys.
Sean, Your post wasn't there when I wrote mine, but you articulated what I failed to say. Thanks.
Trip, are those monitor audio's essentaily the same in physical prowess to 5i's, and probably cost the same? I'll just tell you what I would do. I wouldn't buy anything that's not a minimonitor for under $1K. Floorstanders are exponentially more expensive to build and the only thing they give are more bass and efficiency (at best), and within that price point they sacrifice quality of sound (maybe a few exceptions). However, I don't doubt that those monitor audio's aren't all that bad. A nice little tube amp like a dyna st-70 through a pair of good mini-monitors (or even the speakers you have now) would sound nice and warm. Pick a preamplifier and a nice cd player and you could do a nice system for what you could sell it all for. The super pas are classics, and definatley better than the denon, and experiment with cd players. I'm ignorant of the affordable ones (my 2ch system is about $8k), the marantz cd-63 were good. I don't know how the Carver cd players ever sounded but I saw one of there five discs in a pawn shop yesterday for only $129 and was ready to jump on it just for fun(then I saw them on ebay for even less). If I had $1k to spend I'd get the st-70, super pas pre, maybe some biromod wharfedale diamond 7.2's or one of audio concepts kit speakers and fool with a nice cd player for the remainder, maybe even pick up a littel dyna fm-3 tube tuner. It sounds like you listen to music that is kind of relaxed. But like I said, I haven't had much experience with the less expensive stuff in awhile.
man,i dont know where to start. replace b&k amp or the denon3300.i guess i will start w/cdplayer. and this calls for a different forum.
Just a suggestion: You might consider Cary interconnects from Cary Audio. Their cables are designed for use with their tube equipment. They are very cost effective & the sound is much better than many cables costing many times more. They should help your problem.