need help with choosing right cables

my system sounds sure cables are the using monster 950i innerconnesct and monster biwire speakercables.looking for more of liquid sound with out breaking the bank. my set up: b&k725amp denon333avr msb linkdac3 feeding pioneer333 as transport with monitor audio silver5s speakers.thanks to those who respond.trip

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leafs,iam new to this. when you say source. meaning what? any advice to what amp i need. or new set up. thanks much.
leafs, i have $500 and my cd player&dac combo i should get about $550-600 hopefully. i listen to wide range of music. clapton.stevie ray,beatles.buddy&julie miller,emmylou harris w/spyboy etc.
thanks all,,for the education. i guess i have more work maybe fun to do.
man,i dont know where to start. replace b&k amp or the denon3300.i guess i will start w/cdplayer. and this calls for a different forum.