need help with choosing right cables

my system sounds sure cables are the using monster 950i innerconnesct and monster biwire speakercables.looking for more of liquid sound with out breaking the bank. my set up: b&k725amp denon333avr msb linkdac3 feeding pioneer333 as transport with monitor audio silver5s speakers.thanks to those who respond.trip

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Trip. Just a thought. The discs you mentioned, that I know, are not great recordings to begin with. I suspect you may be looking for too much out of them. I don't think any cd player, within your budget, is going to make enough difference to make you happy. Therefore, I have to disagree with the other posts. I think the MSB is right in line with your other components. You might consider upgrading it to the Full Nelson, with power supply upgrade. You could also try some smooth cables, like Harmonic Technology Truthlinks. Look at their speaker cables, also.
Leafs, You may be right. I haven't heard those players. I guess my point was more that, considering all his components, I wouldn't expect a source upgrade to solve his problems and I would hesitate to make it seem that simple. In any case, I would hope that he tries before he buys.
Sean, Your post wasn't there when I wrote mine, but you articulated what I failed to say. Thanks.