Need help with choosing a tubed pre-amp.

After trying to find interconnects and what not to fix the sterile, somewhat harsh upper region sound of my SS system, I've decided to get a tubed pre-amp. I'm entering a new territory, and any road map or reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. My very modest system:

Adcom GFP 750 preamp (passive)
Bel Canto 2
Arcam cd72t
Audio Physic sub
Monitor Audio Silver 8i
Nordost Quattro Fil ic

I'm looking at a used BAT VK 5i and seem to like it. Does anyone have any experience with it and can relate the positive/negative to owning one. Or, if there are better alternatives within the price range.

I listen to mostly jazz and am looking for something smooth, warm, dynamic w/o overly warm or loss of detail and transparency. Or, the closest thing to a real life jazz concert. I know I've got a long way to go, but it's a start.

My thanks in advance.
I use a BAT VK5i preamp with a pair of Bel Canto eVo 200.2 amps in the monoblock configuration driving a pair of B&W 801 matrix series 3 speakers. The combination is wonderful! Smooth, but detailed with a huge soundstage and no edginess at all.
Good luck with your quest.
Check out the McIntosh C-2200.

The dealer had this pre-amp in the system when I
auditioned a pair of speakers -- sounded great.
I would say your problem is the combination of Monitor Audio, Belcanto, and Nordost. The Adcom in passive mode is merely letting that edgy, additive combination through. Nevertheless the BAT is a nice preamp. All IMHIO.
I have had very good and economical success with a full function Quicksilver preamp - it is quite Industrial looking and would not win any current style awards - however it is built like a tank, dead reliable and fine sounding. Would also highly recommend MELOS products - better styling, full featured, great sound. Neither of these manufacturer's products are anyone's "darlings of the press" and as a result are very fairly priced.
I have been happy with the sound of the Quicksilver LS preamp. With your speakers, I would also suggest investigating the AH! LS Noise Killer filters.
If you can do without a remote, and a phono section, I think one of the best deals going is the EAR 834L. You can usually pick one up used for about $650 to 750. I use one in a second system - it has a tube compliment of 3 and is very undemanding on the tubes, i.e. long life. Tonally its like the line stage of my ARC SP10II but with better bass and it is a bit more transparent.
You may consider a different cd player, perhaps going to a transport and D/A with tubes and also consider trying different cables as the tube pre may be more of a problem to match with the rest of your system. I think taking care of you cd playback will yield the most improvement! Happy Listening!
A tubed pre-amp is a great place to start to achieve the musical charictaristics you are looking for. Of all the components I have upgraded the pre-amp has always had the biggest impact on the musicality of my system. I would recommend you also including Conrad Johnson on your short list. However, BAT is very good as well and would serve you well.

I think you're heading in a really good direction W/ your system, and the BAT could be a good choice. But, IMO, the real beauty of tubed pre-amps is that you can choose the tubes that YOU like best for the sound quality/character that YOU want. I use an SF Line 2SE and can recommend it (as well as the Line 1), but it didn't really come to life until I found the tubes that "did it for me". Good Luck. Craig
My thanks to everyone who responded. There are some used Bat VKd5 tube cd and VK-5 pre out there. If I can gather enough cash (i'm starting with the couch and the car is next), I'll probably try to get both.