Need help with choosing a transport.

Currently I'm using a Rega Apollo purely as a transport and would like to replace it with a dedicated transport. I figure to be able to sell the Apollo for ~ $700 which I can turnaround and put into a transport. Here's the question: What's the best transport -- detailed, balanced, accurate, holographic, reliable -- $700 will buy?
i would recommend the naim cd-5 , as a stand alone player..instead of a transport..and invest money into power supply like flatcap 2 , why drive yourself crazy with d/a converters ! or keep the apollo and add better outboard d/a converter! again must experiment to find right combo! but if you must have a transport then 47 labs shigaraki or there reference transport is awsome!
I have an external DAC -- the Tube Audio Design TADAC -- and therefore need a transport only; no point in using a cd player merely as a transport. 47 Labs has a great reputation but it's out of my price range, not to mention difficult to find used. My budget is $700 or less for a used unit. i see ! i wish i could recommend something worth while in the $700 range to use as a transport only...most of the really good transports are over the $1000 range..
actually just thought of one ...that would work great as a of the ARCAM units would be great for this application...dont remember the model #'rs but ...arcam is the way to go ...
In my experience, I would strongly recommend the CEC TL2, if you want to see what transports are all about. The TL2 is, unfortunately, a bit above your budget figure.

In your price range, there is currently listed a Parasound C/BD-2000 transport that is certainly worth a look.