Need help with cart and phono stage

Hi guys,

I own a Nottingham Spacedeck and Spacearm since 2005, but I have not used much due to a channel inbalanced issue. Recently, I have finally decide to involved Audiophile system LTD to help me with the issue as I was convinced that spacearm was the culprit. After trouble shooting, they determined that it was my aging but low usage Dynavector 10X4 MKIV.

It was a relief for me as the cart is cheaper to replaced. Now I am ready to spin some vinyls again! I will need a new cart obviously and a phono stages as I have sold my old one.

Here are my criterias for cart and phono stages to help you help me:-)

1) Similar voicing to my Dynavector DV10X4 MKII but offer an overall improvements. I found the DV 10X4 MKIV only slightly better than my digital playback. The dynamic and neutral balance of the old cart are very desirable.

2) Ease of setup. No fussy loading/setup requirement to sound good. No super fragile parts that will break off easily under normal use. Long live would be good.

3) It has to be heavier than DV10X4 MKIV (4.6 gram) to allow wiggle room for tracking force adjustment on spacearm.

Phono stage:
1)Low noise. In my system, the EAR 834P and Aesthetix Rhea was too noisy for my taste. I can not stand hum!

2)Ease of setup. I will try to avoid unit that need special power cord, rare NOS tubes, or special footer to sound good.

I can get the DV20XL ($525 new) and P75($350 used). Is it possible to get what I want for similar budget?

Are the dynavector pair good choice? The cart especially has been around forever, is there any newer and hopefully better design that suit my need better?

Thanks in advance,

The P-75 has a similiar circuit to the Aqvox 2CI.I thought the Dyna was good,but the Aqvox takes off from there.The 17d cart would be a better upgrade.Using the balanced input is well worth the effort.
I am well aware of budget constraints.But by throwing in a little more,You may put off the upgrade bug and also make a larger improvement.

Could you please elaborate on the DV20Xl > DV17d3 and P75 > Aqvox improvements individually?

The p-75 was good at its' price point.The Aqvox is in a different league.The cartridges retain more of their original signature (Benz,Koetsu,Allaerts,Allnic).It is much more transparent and has gain to burn.
At $1000,there are many different cartridges available.The detailing and harmonic signature are improved as you move up the line.That being said,the Dynas are good,but not my favorite.Having a cartridge/several demonstrated back-to-back can be an eye opener.Maybe a little confusing,as you are generally struck by differences as opposed to strictly its' performance.
If a cart is lacking in a particular aspect,it can seem that another acoustical property may be trumped up.
IE;Soft top or bottom may sound as if the mids are superior-only because you focus on what it is doing,not on what it can't reproduce.
Can you relay what you liked about the Dyna,so that others may make a suggestion?
I like the Dyna because it is neutral, clear and dynamic. All of these quality seem to benefit my full tube system.

My experiences with analog gear is rather limited due to lack of local availability.
Moving up the line should bring more to the table:10X>>17d.The output of the cartridges needs to be watched,as phono stages' gain and noise rejection become issues.
Thw Aqvox states that it will accept .1mV through its' balanced input.Getting an exact gain match is educational (available thru rotary pots on front chassis-last 14db).