Need help with buying decision-mains

I'm working to build a decent home theater system without breaking the bank. 80% of the use of the speakers will be home theater and 20% will be divided among classical (mainly symphonic stuff with a lot of "full sound") and older jazz recordings. My current setup is:

Denon AVR-3801 Receiver
Yamaha CD Player CDC-91
Harman Kardon HKTS-12 Speakers (boxed 5.1 set) (I know this is probably an affront to everyone here)
Panasonic DVD Player

The receiver is decent and I'm hoping to upgrade the speakers in stages. I'm thinking of mains and a center channel to start with that I could use alone for music and in the system for surround.

I've listened to and/or read a ton of reviews on the followings: Axiom M60ti; Paradigm Monitor 7v2; NHT 2.3; PSB Mini; Magnepan MMG. I love the sound of the Maggies, but, my room has a ton of different angles and I think I'd smother them. Also, I'd like something with a little more umph for the HT.

Budget is around $1100 for fronts and center channel. I'll definitely consider used. My long range plan is to upgrade all of the speakers to a decent 7.1 system and then move to separates and better CD/DVD players.

Any help is appreciated. I'm, obviously, new at this.
Go take a look at or call John
John created the Harmonic Recovery system that is little known but highly regarded.
Model 266 is $1195 and gets excellent reviews on different audio forums.
One thing, the web site is terrible but his speakers are incredible, small company out of Conn and everyone I know who has a pair loves them and he has some in every price range.
Best of Luck
Most of deciding what's right for YOUR SYSTEM NEEDS/ROOM/SET UP is just that! What is your room like, layout, dimmensions, restrictions(if any), acoustics, seating/speaker options/placements, etc? This all will have a tremendous impact on what you may and may not consider to do it right/best! Simply reading about gear and getting input won't cut it! There's so many considerations, obstacles, and choices. It greatly depends.
fill us in room the room/set up and we'll make some strong recommendations.
Also, are you stricktly staying with the gear you have now?
please inform
OK I'll try to describe the room layout the best way I know how. My listening room is a finished room above two bays of a 3 car garage. There is wall to wall berber carpet on the floor. The East wall of the room has 2 french doors leading into an office. The North and South walls that intersect with the East wall have a sloped ceiling that begins it's slope 4 feet off of the floor and continues at a 30 degree angle to a 9 foot ceiling. The room is about 14.5 feet wide at this point. The North wall has this slope for 15 feet and then the wall is completely vertical for the remaining 18 feet in the room. The South wall has the slope for the entire 33 feet with the exception of a 6 foot section in the center of the room that juts out to include a set of 4 windows. In this section the wall is vertical.

The seating area is set up "around" a 55" widescreen TV which is at 45 degree angles to the South and East wall. The main speakers will be set up on either side of the TV. The right front will be bounded by the sloping ceiling at roughly 4 feet high and by the side knee wall. The left front speaker will be bounded by the East wall. At that point, the ceiling is 9 feet above the speaker. But the french doors are right beside it. The speakers will be roughly 6.5 feet apart and my main listening chair is diagonally across the room (perpendicular to the TV screen) from the mains and 14 feet away. The sloping ceiling of the North wall ends right behind my primary listening chair.

If you guys can fill me in on a way to put a graphic on this site, I'll gladly include a sketch. The angled ceiling and limited placement options (would prefer not to be forced to upgrade from Wife 1.0) make this room "acoustically challenged".

I'm not strictly sticking with the gear I have now. I'd like to stick with the Denon receiver for a while. But, I'm not against adding an additional amplifier for the fronts, if needed.

Thanks for any and all of your thoughts.
check out the Onyx Rockets on I bought them as a downgrade from Aerials that cost $10k, and I couldn't be more pleased. If you buy a package they discount significantly. It makes little sense to buy these used, since the packages make up most of the difference vs used prices on individual pairs or center.
This company offers great value for $, the products look & feel like they cost 3x their price. They only sell direct, but customers volunteer to do home demos(without compensation).
Sonically, they are dynamic, but balanced slightly to the warm side; not a bad thing w/most lower-priced receivers and HT use. Many DVDs are "tipped up", resulting in bright sound on lots of lower-priced gear.
Sounds like a perfect fit for your needs.

Cheers, Spencer