Need help with bookshelf speaker choices. . .

Looking for suggestions on a good (economical) set of bookshelf speakers to use with a Dared VP-16 integrated tube amp (10-12WPC) that I just picked up. I KNOW the Dared products are not considered the "best", but this is my first foray into tubes. My biggest concerns are 1) best overall sound for dollar (<$500/pr) and 2) are the suggested speakers efficient enough for the power I have. Some speakers that may be under consideration are the Paradigm Studio 20's or 40's, Klipsch, etc. Also, how about the Tube Audio Design (TAD) 803's? Can I get away without a sub with any of the above or other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your opinion(s).
I say look at Triangle Titus or Cometes.
No need to apologize for the Dared amps. They may not be pricey, but they deliver the sonic goods. I have lots of stuff, including the Dared VP-20 mono amps and though I'm not terribly confident they will be running a few years from now, they sound silly good, regardless of their price.

If you have a small room and don't like to make the windows rattle, consider the PSB B-25 speakers. They do a whole lot more right than that kind of money expects to buy. 90db and 6 ohm should just be friendly enough, though I wouldn't try to stretch either with that amp.
Ahhh, Trianglezerius - it's considered good form to identify yourself as a dealer when making recommendations that just happen to be for something you carry.

Has something to do with ethics and transparency issues.
under 500 try the quads or epos
I run a pair of Triangle Titus ES with an Audio Space tube integrated in a small, rather lively room. The combination is a great success. The amp puts out 16 watts in triode mode, the Tituses are rated 91 dB. I never need to turn the volume up high and there is plenty of bass. (As always, you will need to experiment with positioning to get the best out of the speakers.)

The room is very small--about 8 x 9--and you might want to consider the slightly larger Comète if your room is larger.

Both the Titus ES and Comète ES have been well reviewed. They are both imaging champs. The earlier Titus 202 was very highly praised by Stereophile but note that it is a smaller speaker than the current Titus ES.

Another small speaker with a high sensitivity rating that sometimes comes up here is the JM Reynaud Twin.
My money is on the Usher S-520 monitor. They play very big for a small speaker and sound very good doing it. Hard to beat for the $$.

Why is it when you make a recommendation people assume your dealer ......
Are you using these in a bookshelf or on stands? If they are on a shelf or stuffed in somewhere, you can't have a rear port. A front port may have issues with near walls or objects but will be better. If you intend to use a sub, no port is best in my opinion.
Thanks to all for the responses to date. Does anyone have any opinion on the TAD 803's? Kketron
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