Need help with Ariston RD 90

I own an Ariston RD 90/SME IV/Spectral Reference TT and lost my speed controller during a move. Any one know where I can find a new controller, new or used?


I doubt if any would be available after all this time. I was an Ariston dealer but don't remember a speed controller. If a current one like the Project or VPI would work [and I have no idea if they would] that would probably be the best bet. I use the VPI in my demo system and it is good but expensive. The older series should also work and be a fraction of the cost bought used. But I would check out the Project as they appear to offer good value for money.
You may want to contact Sumiko. They have two speed controllers. Also, you have the Origin Live motor and speed controller. It's pricey but most likely one of the best turntable motor upgrades on the market. I assume you know that Ariston was gobbled up by Systemdek at some point. But if you found help you would be the first to get it. I have a Systemdek IV and I need an electronic speed controller. I contacted the Dunlop brohers who now run A.R.T. Loudspeakers or and they said Audio Note bought out everything in the bins that was left from Systemdek. Audio Note at the time didn't have any information that would have
been of use to me. So my table sits and we can't find anything that will work other than the Origin Live motor upgrades. Good Luck.