Need help with Apple Airport Express

I bought an Apple Airport Express so I can connect my Marantz SR-7007 to my wireless network. I want to use it as a wireless client. I have an iMac and AT&T uverse is my Internet provider. The Airport Express configures properly ONLY IF it is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. I can not get it to work with the Wireless network. I've googled directions and tried everything. Can anyone help, or do I have to have an Apple tech come to the house ? Thanks
Had the same problem w/mine (amber light would not change to green) and had to reset it to factory setting via the small button (must be done w/a paper clip or ball point pen) and go thru the set up menu again on my Mac. If this doesn't work, call Mac tech support.
You need to contact the Apple Tech Support line and have them assist you with installation. I had similar problems and they were resolved after thirty minutes on the phone with Apple. They're very knowledgeable and will take you step-by-step through the process.
Your ISP shouldn't matter. Your Mac should just connect automatically. I have one and it works with OSX, Windows and Linux. The only thing I can think of is that you may need to enable wireless in your OS. I would try that first.

If that doesnÂ’t work, you can go to Someone there will definitely be able to help you. Don't let the name fool you, though. The people there are excellent with technical issues like you have but the audiophile portion is missing. If they try to give you any advice on sound quality, run.
You need to set it up to join your existing network and then enter the name and security code for your network. This should do the trick.
Thanks for your help. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Apple tech support. Still no luck. The support tech said he would send a report to engineering and get back to me in a few days. If that doesn't work, I guess I will return it and get a Squuzebox Touch.

Have you downloaded the most recent installer version? If you have the newest Express and are trying to sync it to your network using an outdated installer, you will experience exactly what you describe.
I second Czbbcl, you need to join existing network since AE does not work in peer-to-peer mode. You need to enter name and security code with Ethernet cable connected to your computer.
The AE is one of the harder Apple products to set up. You have to use a paper-clip to reset it, and then to configure it you have to join its own wireless network that it broadcasts. Then you can configure it using the Apple AE utility software. I personally had one for a while and then recently upgraded to a Squeezebox Touch. I wish I had skipped the AE altogether, as the ST is so much better.
I finally got it working. Apple tech support called me back today and walked me thru it. When I first spoke to them Sunday , they had me connect the computer to the wrong port on the airport express. Not to impressed with that, but I am pleased that the tech actually followed up with engineering, got the correct solution, and called me back when he said he would. Thanks for all your replies. Matt
Markhyams, I hear you. I have a ST in my 2 channel system, in a different room. I bought the AE for my HT system. If I had it to do over again, I would probably get another ST. I may upgrade at some point. Thanks, Matt
It works, but it stops occasionally (for buffering?). Is this a problem with the AE, or do I need to increase the Internet speed ?
You most likely get dropouts caused by interference like microwave oven. Changing channel helps but I ended up replacing router with dual band Linksys. My AE operates now only on 5GHz where there is very little traffic since dual band routers are not very common. In addition any outside interference is suppressed since 5GHz does not penetrate walls very well.

AE is dropping first second of each song with some DACs, that are not fast enough to re-sync. My Benchmark DAC1 doesn't do that but remedy for this is to crossfade songs in the player. Itunes has this option.
Hi Kijanki, Thanks for your reply. I have a 2wire 3800hgv-b gateway router. How can I find out if this is dual band ? What model Linksys router do you have. ? Thanks, Matt
Matt, I read your modem's data and it doesn't say it is dual band meaning it isn't (most common).

It also looks dated since it isn't 802.11n. My Cisco Linksys E2500 is only a wireless router while 3800hgv-b is a gateway (has modem inside). I had similar 2-wire modem before and started having internet dropouts (perhaps age - old caps). Decided on separate modem and router. Modem I use (Motorola 3360) works like charm (no dropout ever) but had poor reviews since previous versions were overheating (this version has better airflow). The reason for Motorola is support from my provider - AT&T that lists this model. Setting Modem-Router can be a little tricky and should be done the way they recommend it but it is easy if you follow steps. Linksys has other versions like for instance E2700. You need to find out what you need (USB ports etc.). It isn't high power wireless, so if you need distance over walls something else might be better (or use repeater). Mine is pretty much in the same room (loft). Hope it can help you. I'm not a computer wiz but I know who is - Almarg, in case you need help. He also has better overview of the situation and can recommend if you need the change.
Kijanki, thanks very much. But I should point out that I have no experience with Apple products. My computer experience is mainly with computers I've built myself, running Windows in most cases, and Linux in one case.

Matt, I take it that the dropouts are occurring during streaming from the Internet. Do they also occur when you are streaming from files stored in your own computers, if you have tried that? And what is it that you are streaming when the dropouts occur -- music, video, both? If video, what kind of resolution? And can you indicate approximately what the physical distance is between the 2Wire gateway/router and the AE, and how many walls or other obstructions are in between?

Pending answers to those questions, and assuming that the problem occurs with Internet streaming, here are some things to try. The items which involve changes to the settings/configuration of the 2Wire gateway/router should be doable by accessing its configuration menus via a web browser program (Safari, Firefox, etc.) on one of your computers. The manual for the 2Wire should indicate exactly how to do that.

1)Change channels, as Kijanki suggested.

2)Temporarily turn off the stateful packet inspection firewall in the 2Wire device, which may improve its throughput.

3)Turn off the content screening/access control feature that the 2Wire device provides, which if presently enabled may also be degrading throughput.

4)Change the power level the 2Wire device is transmitting at. The datasheet Kijanki linked to indicated that the power level can be adjusted between 100 and 400 mw (milliwatts). If it is at the low end of that range, increase it. If it is at the high end of that range, decrease it! Sometimes these kinds of devices reduce bit rates and throughput when power is increased, based on the assumption that higher power levels will only be used under non-optimal conditions such as particularly long range.

5)Go to and test your internet connection speed. Only click on the button that says "Begin Test," and after it concludes, if you wish to repeat the test, the button that says "Test Again." DO NOT click on any other buttons, such as the ones that say "Start Now." Those are ads for things that will allegedly "improve" your computer's performance, which I would avoid.

6)Not sure if there is a buffer size setting that is involved that can be changed in the AE or the Marantz, but obviously if there is try increasing it.

-- Al
Hi Al,
Thanks very much for your reply. I will work on your suggestions and make another post tomorrow. The dropouts occur on Internet radio. The station I listen to mostly is a classical station that transmits at 128 Kbps. I'll spend more time listening to my computer library and see if the dropouts are more or less frequent. Until tomorrow. ..Matt
Most modern home routers have a way to set traffic priority based on IP address or MAC address. It's usually meant to improve gaming performance, but setting mine to "highest" for my AE seems to pretty much eliminate any (albeit rare) glitches when I'm streaming Spotify to my AE via my Mac.
Thanks for all your help. I tried changing power levels, channels, and re-assigning IP addresses ( traffic priority?). In the end, the thing that made the most difference was re-positioning the router from the desk down to the floor so it is facing the stairwell. So far, no dropouts either on my computer files or on the Internet radio stations, after about a half-hour of listening. So far, so good. If I start having problems again, I may bite the bullet and get a dual band router. Thanks again. I am a happy camper. ...Matt

If problems recur, another alternative to consider would be to retain the 2Wire device, but disable its wireless function and add a separate wireless access point, which in turn would be connected to the 2Wire via an ethernet cable. I've always preferred that sort of arrangement, because of the flexibility it provides with respect to both selection and placement of the wireless device.

I currently use an EnGenius N-EAP350 wireless access point, which I've found to be an outstanding performer (although it is single-band). I use it in conjunction with a SonicWall hardware firewall/wired router, and a cable modem supplied by my ISP.

-- Al
Dropouts again! Went almost a week with no dropouts. Then today I downloaded a Dave Brubeck album from HD Tracks. It's FLAC 24 bit 88.2 kHz. It drops out every minute or two. Internet radio and my CDs (FLAC 16 bit 44.1 kHz) are still ok. Any suggestions ?
Hi Matt,

What software are you using to play back or serve the file? Look in its Options or Preferences menu to see if there is a buffer size setting that can be adjusted. If so, increase it. The size may be expressed in terms of an amount of time, probably seconds.

Or perhaps, as I indicated earlier, the AE or the Marantz includes a buffer whose size is adjustable (I'm not familiar with either component).

-- Al
"Dropouts again! Went almost a week with no dropouts. Then today I downloaded a Dave Brubeck album from HD Tracks. It's FLAC 24 bit 88.2 kHz. It drops out every minute or two. Internet radio and my CDs (FLAC 16 bit 44.1 kHz) are still ok. Any suggestions ?"

Is it possible that there could be a problem with the files themselves? It might be worth it to burn the files to a CD. If the drop outs are on the CD then you may have some damaged downloads.
ZD542, I don't think it's the file, because it streams with no dropouts to my Logitech Squeezebox Touch. So far, I have downloaded 2 albums from HD Tracks, one is 96khz, and the other is 88.2 kHz. Dropouts occur only on the AE, no dropouts on the SBT.
Almarg, The software serving the music is the Logitech Media Server running on an iMac. So far, I have not been able to increase the buffer size on the server software, the AE, or the receiver. I'll try consulting with dealer I purchased the receiver from, and Apple tech support. I may just go for a dual band router. I have browsed lots of forums, and it turns out there is lots written on this problem, but no one definitive solution. The only bullet proof solution is to hard wire the AE to the router. I really want to go wireless.
Again, thanks for all your help and suggestions. ....Matt
Mabonn, I had impression that AE is limited to 16 bit, but if it is the case you should have no sound at all.
Kijanki, I had more dropouts after I thought I had eliminated them. So, I went to Best Buy and bought a Linksys 2500 dual band router. Got it set up today, and it seems to be working. If it goes an entire week with no dropouts, I'll declare victory. The one question I have (for now) is this: Wireless devices are given the option of joining the secured network with password or as a guest (unsecured with no password). How do I disable the "guest" option? Thanks, Matt
You will find in System-Router menu: Setup, Wireless, Security etc..

Select Wireless. It will open Basic Wireless Settings, Wireless Security, Guest Access etc. Select Guest Access. It will show option "Allow Guest Access" Yes/No - select "No".

Guest possibly cannot change settings but I have no use for this option and disabled it.
Kijanki, Thanks. One more question..... I got it working for Internet radio, but the AE no longer accesses my iMac music library. The Squeezebox DOES access my iMac library. ?? Thanks for your help. .. Matt
Now that you have the Linksys router up and running, you'll need go through the setup for the AE again to join the Linksys Wifi network.

Also, the AE only supports 44KHz output, so anything higher resolution gets down-sampled.
Not sure. When I select "Media Server" from the network menu on the Marantz receiver, the screen says "empty". On the iMac, it says the Logitech Media Server is running. When I had the AE running wirelessly from the 2wire modem/router, the Marantz screen would say "Matt's Library", and allow me to access my library.
Matt, AE is by default set to receive both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I use Linksys as two separate networks with different names: 5GHz with MacMini and AE, 2.4GHz with other computers. I could set my MacMini to transmit both frequencies but couldn't find how to connect Linksys on both simultaneously. Perhaps giving networks the same name would do it? I ended up with separate 5GHz network for music but adding 2.4GHz should make it even more immune to dropouts.
Hello Mrvco,
Yes, I performed the setup for the AE to work wirelessly with the new Linksys router. It works for Internet radio, but is unable to access my iMac music library. Before I got the Linksys, the AE was connected wirelessly to the 2Wire gateway modem/router, and it was able to play both radio and media from my iMac. Can't figure this out. ...Matt
Matt, It is not that AE cannot see your music library, but perhaps program you use to transfer music (like Itunes) cannot see your library.
Kijanki, I will look into the 2.4 and 5 GHz issues you brought up. I am using Logitech Media Server to transfer music. This still works with my Squeezebox connected wirelessly to the Linksys ( both radio and library ).
Thanks for all your help. I will keep working on it and report back later. ..Matt
Wow. Really? This is one of the very easiest products to setup and have extend your network as you are describing. sounds like you are wanting this to do two different things.

1) You want to extend your network to your Marantz.
2) You want it to deliver your iTunes content into your Marantz.

Sounds like you have #1 licked now just use the simple iPad app (or iPhone) that let's you configure the AE. Once you see your AE on the app you can edit it to do both extend your entwork and also to act as a receiver for your iTunes library by simply going to the edit button on the top right and then looking down the list for AirPlay and making sure it is enabled then you can name it whatever you like so as not to get it confused with others you may have around your house.

THEN you need to either hookup an optical cable or you can atke that same output into a splitter and fo into an analog input on your receiver. The you go to iTunes and check AirPlay to that device and off you go. can get something like Asset UPnP for your Mac or PC and have it access your iTunes library so you can play it through the media player that is in the Marantz.

Once this is setup you will experience very little or NO problems with it but you just need to be sure you have a good solid network and you dot your i's and cross your t's.
This is pretty much networking 101 and I find it odd that so many think of it as black art or something that screws up on a whim.

Do some homework at
and you should be in shape in no time at all.
Realhifi, Thanks for your help. I am away for a few days, so I will get back to this when I am home. I'll update the thread at that time. ...Matt
Back again, making progress, getting closer, but not quite there.
I got "AirPlay" enabled in iTunes on the iMac, and on the Airport
Express. I can play the iTunes library thru the Marantz as long as I control
it from the iMac. But, I can't access the library using the Marantz controls
(remote control, or the receiver itself). So, I downloaded Asset UPnP, and
configured it on the iMac.
When I try to access it using the Marantz remote, the following happens:
I select "Network" input then I select "Media Server".
On the receiver display (and the TV) I see "Asset UPnP: matthew's
I select this, and I see the usual menu choices (artist, album, title, genre,
etc). I select one of these, and the receiver display says "Please
wait, ..connecting..." After maybe a minute, the TV screen begins
flashing and then it displays the Network Menu again(favorites, Internet
radio, media server, etc). That's as far as it gets. Is this a problem with the
Marantz setup, or the iMac setup..( iTunes or Asset). ?
Update: I think I have it working!!! Thanks to all for your help. A'gon is great!