Need help with AC power.


I'm an audio enthusiast, definitely not an expert any way. I recently picked up a Classe CA-200 which is quite amazing. Amongst all of my equipment is a Panamax Max 1000+ power conditioner to which everything else is connected, including the amplifier. Am I sacrificing audio quality by doing this and if so, by plugging directly into the outlet, will I endanger the amplifier? What would be my best solution?
sacrificing quality yes. I don't really believe so unless your living in a very lightning prone area like Florida is
I would notplug the amp into the Panamax as it can reduce dynamics. Plug the amp directly into the wall socket.No harm will comeof it.
Isolate your digital from analog. I have heard very little about Panamax products. Anyway, the suggestion to plug your amp into the wall is a good one, but I would plug it into a dedicated line. That being said, your amplifier will not benefit from any power conditioning. My power conditioner (Audio Magic Eclipse) is set up with two power cords, each one going into a dedicated line. (Before the Eclipse, I used two Audio Magic Mini PCs to isolate my digital from analog) Truly, the best way to isolate digital and analog and benefit from power conditioning. Power conditioning, in my system (and I believe in most from what I have heard, here, on the 'gon), is a fundemental component and can have a profound positve effect on ones system. Excellent power conditioners, with matching power cords, do not come cheap, but the benefits can be quite amazing. Just some FWIW. peace, warren
Mejames, as I live in the lightning capital of the world (yes, Florida and for me the Clearwater area) I do run my amps on Chang Lightspeed 9900 amps and othe CLS products. They might limit the feed to the amps at very high volumes, but for me the piece of mind is worth it!!
A well designed power system is vital to the performance of the whole system.

Here is how I have set up my power system to Mark Levinson 37 transport, 360S DAC, 380S preamp, 336, 334, 434, and 331 amps, and dCS Purcell Upsampler, Sony SCD777ES SACD, and other audio and video componnets. I use a Balanced Power Technology 3.5 power conditioner for the digital audio, fromt end, and video componnets. My Sony CRT has a Tice Solo Reference power condiitoner. I use Transparent Nite, Shunyat Black Mamba VII, NBS Monitor II, JPS Digital AC, and Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 power cables. The amps are on dedicated 20 and 30 amp power lines with Transparent armored in wall power cable, Wattgate 381 outlets--no power conditioner or other unit to reduce power supply. My grounding rod is highly cleaned at the connection point and the cable is secured to it with tight connections, as well is driven deep into the ground. This, IMO is the best way to distribute the power to the various components. I do not live in an area with many lightning storms, and when one is on its way I shut off the breakers to all of the system. Any other comment?
Thanks guys for all your help. I'm really learning a lot. There however seems to be two schools of thought regarding the issue. I guess I have to make up my mind where I stand on it.