need help with a subwoofer

I own a pair of Tyler Acoustic Taylo monitors with a pair of base modules to match. These are not Ref. I's or II's but something that Ty experimented with. The sound is GREAT but I have been looking for a sub to get that very last half octive and was prepared to purchase a Rel Storm III but the local dealer is not customer friendly in this area. I read in one of the mags about the HSU TN1220HO but when investigating on the web, I find a mixed bag of reviews, mostly negative. I want something that will go to 20 with decent output, will be wife friendly, and will not break the bank. Any suggestions?
Hi, Dumboat. See the post I made below about Widescreen Review mag's reviews of sub-woofers. Refer to that post before reading this one, so my comments make sense.

Since you asked about the Hsu models, this is how WR mag rated them:
1. Model TN825: average score = 3.83 ($400) A decent, middle-of-the-raod performer.
2. Model TN1225HO: average score = 4.46 ($300 for passive version; $800 with 200-watt amp) A good performer - lowest rating for any factor was 4.0.
3. Model VTF2: average score = 4.125 ($499) A solid, middle-of-the-road performer. A good value, also, when price is considered.

Hope this extra info is useful in addition to the material in my other post.
Howdy. I am using an M&K MX 700 sub. They have two models that are recommended for those of us not using them for HT. The great thing about M&K subs is the ability to adjust the frequency cutoff to properly marry them with your monitors. The model I have is the smaller of the two, which is fine for anything other than very large rooms. New is about $1300. Don't forget to really learn the proper placement of a sub within your room. Charlie
Too bad about your experience with the Rel dealer - does "not customer friendly" mean that he wouldn't let you listen to them? If he will, try to listen to the Strata & Storm. Personally I preferred the Storm but our ears may differ. You didn't indicate the size of your room but I assume it's not huge and that music is more important than HT. If so, you can't beat Rel imho.

Bought a VTF-2 (with latest crossover upgrades) based on reviews and trying to save a few bucks. Doesn't work in my setup - has a bit of an overhand which gets in the way (notes don't decay fast enough?) Yours for $375 plus shipping if you're interested.

As for wife factor, you can get the Rels with beautiful woodgrain finishes, for extra money. Or just let the wife drape them with her favorite fabric - won't affect the sound.
ACI Titan II
I had the same problem with a REL dealer I had access to (Tweeter, about 2.5 hours away). Not nice people. I called Sumiko to verify that I had to purchase from a local dealer and they said no. The long explanation was that dealers themselves didn't want to sell mail order to keep local business local but the neither Sumiko nor REL themselves demanded it. So if you still want a REL you just need to find a dealer willing to sell to you. They can call Sumiko and verify my info themselves. leo.
I don't have any experience with the REL, but I DID recently own a HSU TN-1225HO with the HSU 250 watt amp. I used it with a pair of Platinum Audio Solos. Not dissimilar to the Tylers inasmuch as the bass output was already quite good compared to other monitors - I just wanted that final half-octave as well. In addition, the room that I was using them in was quite large, so it was nice to augment the bass response and save a little amplifier power for my inefficient (84db) Platinums. The result was outstanding, fast, musical, articulate, deep, POWERFUL, bass that was quite easy to integrate. Best of all, from the wife acceptance perspective, is that the tube is easy to place (in my case, hidden behind an indoor water fountain completely hidden from view in the corner of the living room). The small footprint makes it very easy to hide. In addition, it can be laid on its' side and placed behind a couch. Try that with a big "box" subwoofer.

The only product that I can compare it to in my own "real-world" environment is the Velodyne ULD 15 which I borrowed from my father after I bought the HSU for a benchmark comparison. To my ears, the HSU is just as musical as the Velodyne. The only drawback is that the HSU only goes to 25hz versus 20hz for the Velodyne. But I don't listen to a lot of organ music, so it wasn't a big issue.

Hope this helps. Happy listening!
Blkadr is right. The Titan II LE is one phenominal sub. REL used to be my reference until I tried the Titan. Less money, higher output, better quality, and fantastic looks. One of the two best audio purchases I've ever made.