Need Help with a Sony scd-1

I recently had my scd-1 upgraded from a VSEI level 2 mod to a level 5+ mod. Now after the player goes through it's "loading" and "TOC reading" ritual it just sits there for another 5 to 8 seconds after the first track number comes up on the display before it starts playing. If I select another track before the song ends, I get the same 5 to 8 second wait before it plays the selected song.

Before I had the upgrade done, it would go immediately to whatever song I selected right away with no wait. I know this player takes it's time in the TOC reading of the disc, but does anyone know why it would take so long to start playing after it goes to track 1?
Why not ask the co. that did the upgrade, or am I missing something?
Bill Thalmann at Music Technology did the upgrade and it sounds great! Before the upgrade it started playing music as soon as the track number displayed, but for some reason now it just sits there for 5 to 8 seconds before music starts. Bill said it started playing music as soon as the track number came up for him , but I am not finding that to be the case. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. It sounds great once the music starts though.
I've the same mod done on my 777es more than a year, but the unit was sent back to Sony under warranty replaced the laser, sled motor and new Firmware update before the VSE 5+ mod. I never have the problem of slow track changing even before Sony repair.