Need help with a receiver for my HT.

I am planning on buying a Paradigm HT...Monitor 3 upfront, CC370 Center, ADP 170 as rears with PW2200 sub. Can someone recommed what reciver would go best with this system. 90% HT, 10% music. Room is 12 x 15 x 8. I want to spend enough money to get a good receiver without going overboard.
You can hardly go wrong with any of several brands of modestly priced HT receivers. I always recommend Denon, as I think their performance, looks and price are one of the best packages. They have a series that has been upgraded over time - earlier model is 3300, then 3800, 3801, etc. is probably the right one for you. Depending on your willingness to buy used vs. new, as well as your desire for the latest surround formats can guide you towards which one you want. The latest model should retail around $1200, but you can always find even new ones discounted. Used ones can easily be found at half that.
Check the Outlaw Audio 1050 6.1 if you don't want to spend that much cash. I think it is about $500 bucks.
I am very impressed with my NAD T 761.

I think all three of the first posts above mentioned are good choices for what you're considering. Onkyo makes some good pieces, as does the old used Sony STRG777ES, Yamaha RXV800/1000 series(but a little less warm bodied than the others, which might play to your advantage with the warm sounding Paradigms..maybe) and used DSPA1/RXV1, as well as the super sounding used B&K 202, Arcam 100 and used Nakamichi AV-10.
Really, there's lots of more than adequate sounding receivers for your speakers.
One thing, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you run even your tower speakers as "SMALL" FOR ALL APPLICATIONS WITH YOUR RECEIVER! It's otherwise not going to sound dynamic, and your speakers can't handle full range DD/DTS. You need the powered sub to handle the bass.
Good luck
The NAD is a very easy recommendation. It's EARS 5.1 synthesized surround from 2 channel TV and FM is outstandingly good, too.