Need help with a hooking up a sub.

Hi All,

I've already done a search, but I can't find the answer to my problem. I want to integrate a 2 channel system to my HT setup. My rooms has 3 subs that have been optimized with a Behringer external crossover/equalizer. The DAC/preamp that I'm looking at getting has 2 balanced and 2 RCA outputs, both putting out signal simultaneously.
I plan to run the balanced channels out to a switcher. The question is how to hook up the 2-channel to the Behringer, which only has balanced inputs.
I've read opinions all the way around. One channel RCA to XLR connector? 2 channel RCA to one XLR? Both channels RCA to XLR and let the Behringer sum the channels up? I prefer not to do that, since then I'd have to switch inputs all the time on the Behringer.
First word problems, I know.

Can you tell us the make and model of all associated equipment?

Not knowing what your current system looks like, I'm not sure if this is an option, but consider getting a two channel preamp with home theater bypass.
Theta Casablanca 4 with cable and Apple TV inputs. Lumagen Radiance Pro is used as an HDMI switcher. Projector is a JVC 4500 laser.
The front amps are Theta Prometheus and surrounds are Theta digital dreadnaught.
Front 3 speakers are MBL 101E’s and surrounds are MBL 111E’s.
3 Seaton F18 submersives, equalized through a Behringer 2496 Prodrive.
i plan on listening to a Lumin T2 and a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ soon. It’s the music server/DAC/preamp that I’m trying to run through my front amps and integrate with the subs. I’m going to get an remote controlled XLR switcher for the front amp inputs.
Oh, and an Oppo 4K disc player (203?) that never gets used anymore
If the Theta Casablanca 4 has the option of theater passthrough will be nice, otherwise XLR switcher (and maybe with some Y cable) can get the job done.
Have you considered a Parasound P7 preamp? It would solve almost all of your problems and allow you to simplify everything.
Unfortunately, no pass through on the Theta. Everything in gets digitized. What really would have been nice is if Theta had a DAC that supports MQA and is Roon-ready. Apparently, not going to happen.
As to the Parasound, I really don’t want more boxes. That’s why I’m looking at streamers/DAC/preamp combos.