Need help with a good quality speaker setup

I have a fairly small room 22'x 14'x 8'. I am running a Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX Receiver. Currently have Polk Audio RM6600 surround system. Looking to upgrade to System with Front Floor Standing. Used a lot for both movies and music. Been looking at the Polk Lsi's, Energy, Paradigm & Definitive. I have been leaning towards the Definitive, but have heard that the bipole towers are just a waste unless you have room to put them in away from the walls. Any help, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated.
Redneck, You do not have a small room. 12 x 12 is a small room. Your room demensions are about as close to ideal as one could realistically hope for.

Agree with Stehno, your room demensions should give a smooth bass response with full-range speakers.

Take a look at Von Schweikert: The Vr2 front, LCR15 center, and either the Vr1's for surrounds, or the new surrounds they have coming out. This would be a killer system for both music and ht.
best of luck
That said, bipolars are extraordinarily placement sensitive, so be sure to do an inroom demo.
Bipolars need plenty of room and sound best well into the room IMO, If you can't place them that way I would stay clear of that design. I'm not up on the new Definitive Tech. speakers but have listened to the old Mirage M1/M3's many times and thought they were great speakers if placed well into the room and away from side walls. As subaruguru stated..Try them first would be best.