Need help with a Bybee Quantum charger

I bought a Bybee Quantum charger AC filter and I put it in the folowing way : the wall to the bybee quantum via the Ps audio cable ( the cable they give with the Ultimate outlet) the bybee is pluged into the Ps audio ultimate outlet and in the ultimate outlet is plugged my amp and my preamp. But right now I found the result a little bit deceiving because it seem like I have only high frequency and bass but the mid is cut at about the half. The resulution increased but at what price. Do you have any idea of what I can do to take out the best of the bybee quantum? Should I put it after the Ps audio?

Dismalonyx, I hope you will not rest dismal for long, with your midrange cut in half. Try the Bybee with plugging it directly into the amp and compare this with plugging it directly into the preamp, AFTER the PS Audio. I would also try the Bybee without the PS-Audio at all and see what you find and like. I personally have found that the Bybee AC chargers are the least effective of all the Bybee products. The others I find excellent.
use high current version of ultima outlet to connect your preamp and amp.and use the bybee only for preamp or cd.