need help wiring Merlin vsm mme speakers

My speaker wires have four stingers/plugs, besides using jumpers and rc's which are explained in merlin web site.
Do I connect my wires two in bottom and two on top of speaker posts? or just use the single hook up? meaning only use two of the four wires from the speaker cable
I would have to cut the stingers off my wires and connect bare wire to posts?
Any advice would be appreciated.
ok got it! taking off banana plugs from speaker wires and putting spades, since its bi-wired two on bottom and two on top, then try rc's and jumpers or are jumpers and rc's not necessary? trying without Bam first, am using a sub, jlaudio f113
combine all of the speakersn wires on the bottom posts (positive wires on the right and negative on the left) and then the jumpers on top and clamp. jumper on top post first (same polarity) and then rc and clamp. cap to positive post for rc's.
call me next week so i can help you further.

thank you very much for taking the time to explain Bobby, I will try that.
I was pleasantly surprised, they are awesome looking speakers.
to spike or not to spike? i have hard wood floors where the Merlin vsm mme speakers sit, I would like to try the spikes but not on my floor, what can I put underneath the spikes on laminated (commercial grade) floor?
So far with no tweaking I'm stunned by how clear and holographic they sound, work very well with Arcam avr400, neutral and beautiful!
thank you
BTW hey sounded great on the spikes, but what do I put under the spikes to protct floor?
Spike coasters! I know Adona sells them and there are many others.
swampwalker, thanks for the info,
I had some left over flooring that I cut to the speaker size and use that for the spikes with felt bottom or without.
thanks all
You can use pennies also.