Need Help. What set-up should I be looking at?

I have always been into music but, I have just recently entered the HiFi world. This is my situation. I spend 90% of my time listening to music and 10% watching DVD's. I would like to have one system for listening to music and watching movies. Also, I would like to be able to switch zones. So, I am able to play music through a seperate set of speakers in another room.

My current set-up is a B&K PT3 (2 channel pre-amp). B&K 2220 (2 channel 220watt) playing through Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers.

I listen to lot's of different music but, mostly rock oriented or fusion. Since I play, I enjoy picking apart the various players but, still want to retain a musical sound overall.

Do any of you experts have any idea what my next move should be? I have been contemplating moving to an All in one unit like a B&K 307 or moving to a multi channel amp and pre-amp set-up. Any thoughts or reccomendations?

I know this has been long. Thanks for reading.
What is your budget?

Everything depends on budget.

I agree with the above, to an extent.

Nonetheless, if music is your overwhelming priority, don't put a big box between your speakers. Have those GP's in a dedicated room, go front projector, or find a way to recess your TV.

At about any total price level, you may be better off with a relatively modest receiver, sending the main pre-outs to a 2-ch pre and 2-ch amp feeding your mains. Calibrate your HT sound to a known volume position on the pre, and always return it to that position for movie watching. The foregoing goes out the window if you are interested in exploring multi-ch music, or are on a very restricted budget.
Add a Balanced Powwer Tech power conditioner and put your HTS elsewhere.
Linn Classik Movie system for about 1600 used (after negotiating...) is a good bet...five channel amplification, am/fm tuner, DACs, dolby digital/dts/pro logic....very small and good sound...

all ya need is six speakers