Need help w/set-up

Hi, I just got a pre amp to match my amp: Classe cp50 to go with Classe CA300. The manual hasn't arrived yet, the pre has several channels marked; "reg 1, reg 2, etc". I assume that anyone of these can be used for the CD input.
help, hate to fry it on the first day if I'm wrong.
You will be fine. The only thing to be careful of is to not use one marked "Phono" - phono stages have much higher gain and RIAA equalization - all bad things for your CD player. Depending on how your preamp was configured, it may not even have a phono stage. But anything marked "reg" will be fine.

Enjoy your new preamp.

yup, reg 1 works just fine, and it is a sweet sound compared to the old set up.