Need help w/older Krell pre-amps????

I need input from Krell owners regarding a couple of older model Krell pre-amps !!!!! I am looking at 3 pre's- KBL , KSL , KSP-7B all of which are at or under $1000.00 - Would like some honest opinions on these 3 pre's,(sound,performance,reliability,etc:) Currently running Proceed PDT-3 and PDP-3 for digital, KSA-150 amp, all cables are balanced MIT Prolines (do have RCA MIT's also) Mostly listening to Jazz and Classical music through Thiel CS3.6's again with MIT speaker cables. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME HELP WITH MY SEARCH FOR A GOOD PRE FROM KRELL!!!
I was in a similar situation to you not long ago. In fact, I also own a KSA-150. The first question you need to answer is whether or not you need a phono stage. The 7B comes with a built-in phono stage - it is optional on the other two units and therefore you have to spend more money to get phono capability added to the KSL or KBL. For me, I did not need a phono stage in my krell preamp because I use a Spectral DMC-10 for playing LP's. So I was looking at primarily the KBL and KSL. I ended up going with KBL because it was Krell's top of the line line level preamp back in the day (retail prices ranged from $4,500-4,800). It was also a former Sterophile Class A reccomended component and, in fact, one of the Stereophile equipment reviewers still uses a KBL (along with a Levinson ML-7A) as his refernce preamp today (can't remember which reviewer right now, possibly Greenhill?). I was not able to compare both units side by side, but I can tell you that I am very pleased with the KBL. I also love the fact that the KBL has a phase reversal switch on the front panel. This is much more convenient than switching the speakers leads when testing for correct phase. Hope some of this is helpful to you. Lastly, if you can get a KBL or 7B for under a grand, that is a great price (KSL's are readily available under a grand). I paid $1,025 for my KBL and thought I stole it. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any other questions.
If it says Krell on it and it fits your budget you cant go wrong I am currently using all Outdated krell with my Apogee Duettas andcould not be happier the best thing is that it is so good and so popular that there is an abundance of used gear at afforadible prices. Buy it if you dont like you can allways sell it altough I dont imagine tat you will GOOD LISTENING. Ken Scollick