Need Help W/ Ipod + Phono System

Hi Everyone:

Got a request from a friend that is beyond my knowledge and am in need of a little help. He wants to set his son up with a small, compact bedroom system that will allow vinyl and IPod playback. He is giving the kid his Linn Axis to spin records but needs amplification and speakers. The speakers are easy but I am not sure what to recommend for amplification that will accept both the IPod feed and have a built in phonostage. A separate phonostage is an option but he wants to keep it simple and cheap. Ideas?

How about an Outlaw 2150. It has 100 watts, built in phono, even has a USB input as well as a 1/8" connector on the front for plugging in the ipod. Looks cool too.
harman kardon makes a 2channel amp (hk3480 or 3490) with a ton of power, digital inputs, phono, sub and preamp outs, etc., which you can get used on amazon for around $200. it has an optional bridging station for an ipod (around $100) which lets you control the ipod with the receiver remote; you could also plug the ipod directly into an aux input of the receiver. that's a lot of features for very little dough. i have some quibbles with hk's build quality, but their amps do sound very good and, unlike almost every other mass marketer, their power ratings are conservative.